10 Best Songs From Musicals, According To Reddit


Musicals are an extremely popular genre, spanning decades. Some have been popular enough to hit the stage, either producing a sequel or presenting a modernized version. The dancing, drama, and great storylines all contribute to what makes these films so great.

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However, they wouldn’t have their success without their exemplary songs that captured everyone’s attention. Songs from musicals are capable of conveying stories, emotions, and personalities, and Reddit users have given their thoughts on which songs do it best.

“Who Will Buy” – Oliver!

Oliver Twist

Today’s film production companies have made so many memorable musicals that it can be easy to overlook some of the greats of decades ago. Today’s era brings its share, modernizing productions and sometimes even improving the quality of each one. However, the movie musicals of yesteryear were just as spectacular.


In terms of music, the Reddit user twice suggests, “Who will buy Olivier !“The main character is gently awakened by the sweet song of a woman selling roses, which seamlessly intertwines with the melodies of other workers, eventually picking up the tempo. The song encapsulates a security that Oliver never had yet to experience and hooks viewers into the unseen beauty of street vendor life. The stunning harmonies provide a breathtaking contrast to the rough London streets the orphan found himself on, allowing the characters and audience to breathe a welcome sigh of relief.

“Every Little Piece” – Pete’s Dragon

pete's dragon

Movie villains are there to be hated and as opponents of the movie hero. But that doesn’t mean their scenes are boring or their musical numbers will be disappointing.

“Every little bit is the best villain scene,” comes from Redditor bellestarxo and they are certainly right. The song seethes with darkness, as Jim Dale sharply enunciates each lyric, with an underlying thrill at his prospect of selling dragon parts. The combination of a creepy yet melodious song is the perfect concoction for a Disney movie that seeks to find a place in the childhoods of many.

“I want to be like you” – The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book 1967

Classic Disney films are awash with fantastic musical tracks, all with varying subject matter, beats and genres. Reddit user ohara1250 identified “I want to be like you – The jungle Booklike the Disney song that is one of the best in a movie musical.

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The tune itself is a nostalgic throwback to the childhood of many generations in the unmistakable sound of King Louie. It’s fun, energetic and engaging for any child or adult watching. It also embraces the cheeky nature of the monkeys and is the perfect complement to an already excellent soundtrack.

“Alone” – Les Miserables

Les Miserables 2012 Marius holds the death of Eponine

Musicals aren’t always upbeat and energetic. Some of the best have moments of sadness or calm but are no less effective. The audience can feel the emotion of the characters in those moments, which are sometimes the best scenes. Reddit user maybe drunk said: “All alone – Wretched. Now I cry.”

The song is so beautiful and touching that it’s hard not to get emotional hearing it while watching one of the best musicals based on a book. As Redditor mentions, just think of one particularly brilliant song to be moved to tears, which is a compliment to the track itself.

“Be Prepared” – The Lion King

Scar looks over his shoulder in The Lion King

Editor einherjar81 called “Be prepared from The Lion Kingas the best song from a musical. It’s perhaps a far cry from the softer sounds of classic musicals like the sound of music, but the haunting and fierce theme of the song keeps it in the mind.

As part of one of the most watchable movies of the 90s, not only does the tune convey Scar’s anger and the threat he poses to others, but it also includes dark humor. His depiction of hyenas is amusing, but the lyrics are interwoven with dialogue that explains his plot to kill the king. At base, he may be cruel, but his brilliance cannot be denied.

“Summer Nights” – Grease

Fat pink ladies olivia newton john didi conn

The era in which a film is set can be the most appealing feature, especially if it represents the vibrancy of an era that some are too young to know. Reddit user epithem recalled “I don’t know the name of the song, but that of Fat. The sunny days are slipping away.” Of course, that’s the 50s style track “Summer Nights.”

While the film’s morality is questioned, obviously the song still strikes a chord, as it transports viewers into the boy-meets-girl narrative. “Summer Nights” is the opposite of bleak with its feel-good beat and it stands as one of the best songs in the classic musical film, Fat.

“Have You a Merry Little Christmas” – Meet Me In St. Louis

Musicals can fit any season or holiday season, so it’s no surprise that a Christmas musical tune was picked by a Reddit user as one of the best musical songs. AXPendergast chose “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas from Meet me in St. Louis“and it really is a lovely choice.

The soothing sound of Judy Garland’s voice encompasses all that the holiday season is all about. Just as the young girl it sings to is mesmerized, the sweet melody touches audiences and is a wonderful staple in any household’s catalog of Christmas musical songs, making Meet me in St Louis one of the best musicals of all time, according to AFI.

“It’s a hard life” – Annie

Some may think that musicals in which the stories are based on children, or in which children play the main roles, lack sophistication and commitment. But Reddit user bad company123 declared “It’s a hard knock life” as their favorite musical song, proving that Anne has tracks big enough to compete with others.

The song is undoubtedly catchy and makes understand the suffering of the children of the orphanage. Their chance to rebel came in the form of singing, allowing them to express their feelings and release energy, capturing the attention of viewers.

“Time Warp” – The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Picture Show Frank-n-Furter Stage Scene

Over the years, there have been many songs that remain party fillers. Editor I_Lick_Bananas choose “Time Warp, Rocky Horror Picture Show“, like the best piece of a musical and that a lot of people know.

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The film itself was way ahead of its time and is also very relevant in today’s society. But listeners don’t need to have seen the movie to know the song, because it’s quite popular and one can see why it doesn’t even need the context of the movie to be successful.

“Maria” – Westside Story

Sing in West Side Story

Themes of romance in a movie musical song can be enough to grab any audience member and make it their favorite pick. Reddit user sound bunny found just that with “Maria from Westside Story. Beautiful haunting love song…”

The vocals are backed by a beautiful orchestral sound that drops out at times, almost isolating the vocals. The love felt by the character is conveyed in his words and the passion the song brings out, which makes it truly memorable.

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