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Request loan without pre-payment now

If you want to take out a loan, you usually have to pay interest on it, but no advance costs. In fact, it would be a lucrative business for the banks and credit agencies to charge for a loan. The fact is that by far not all who want to take a installment loan, the respective creditworthiness or creditworthiness is sufficient to qualify as a borrower get. In practice, this means for commercial lenders that they have to process a large number of loan applications, but these are not feasible. However, labor costs are incurred, so it would be understandable that lenders charge these costs to the polluter, ie the applicant – after all, they were caused by him. However, such a procedure is not permitted or legitimate under German law.

The lender – regardless of whether bank or credit intermediary – may charge the respective customer any costs for processing his request or his application, even if in the process necessary for such have arisen. Only the actual expenses incurred, eg. B. Postage costs, may be calculated by credit agencies (§ 655d BGB). These must also be documented in writing.

Dubious providers often charge advance costs

Above all, some credit agencies do not adhere to this legal requirement and charge the creditor seeking consumer pre-cost with some adventurous or questionable reasons. If these fees are not paid, these providers often forward their unlawful claims to dubious collection agencies, which then initiate a dunning procedure for which additional costs are charged.

If you have become a victim of such businessmen, you should under no circumstances make a payment, but object to it and, if possible, be represented by a lawyer in this matter. At the latest in court you will get right and have to make no payment accordingly. In several cases, such businessmen have already been convicted of commercial fraud, so the law is clearly on your side!

Reputable lenders require no pre-charge

Reputable lenders do not require any upfront costs for a request for credit, even if the applicant’s credit rating is insufficient and no lending is possible. Because of this fact, you can easily ask for quotes from banks or credit agencies or make loan applications.

If you are not sure who qualifies as a lender, you can also do a credit comparison or use a loan calculator to find cheap and fair lenders. Also, the search for the current winner in this field can be helpful to obtain a competent debt financing.

These rules apply to all types of consumer loans

Whether you want a classic installment loan, a real estate loan, or want to make use of an instant loan, the above mentioned legal regulations apply to all types of consumer loans. However, there are no legal requirements for what the interest may be, which may demand the lender, except interest usury.

Therefore, before a hasty signing on a loan agreement, as is often the case when borrowing is needed quickly, you should always – as already mentioned – use a credit comparison calculator that is available quickly and free of charge over the internet.