80 Days developers are creating a rhythm game in the Scottish Highlands


Inkle Studios, the indie game developers behind 80 Days, has announced A Highland Song, a new rhythm survival game.

Based in the Scottish Highlands, A Highland Song tells the story of Moira McKinnon, who, after receiving a letter from her uncle Hamish, decides to cross the mountains behind her house in order to reach her lighthouse on the coast. From the Steam page:

“A Highland Song is a narrative adventure with elements of rhythm and survival, and features hand-drawn animation, painted backgrounds and dynamic lighting in a vast 2.5D world filled with echoes, secrets and songs.”

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What sets A Highland Song apart is the choice of music. The soundtrack features music from award-winning Scottish and Irish folk bands Talisk and Fourth Moon. Rhythm parts of the gameplay are centered around sync button presses to avoid obstacles, much like in the Bit Trip Runner series. The trailer doesn’t reveal anything about how the survival elements work, but in the screenshots you can see Moira and another character huddled around a campfire, health bar, and choices that balance resources, similar to games like Oregon Trail.

Inkle Studios has won several accolades in the past for its narrative design, including BAFTAs, IGF awards, and becoming one of TIME’s games of the year. While there’s a lot more to reveal about A Highland Song, it seems certain that this Scottish survival game will have some strong story elements. There is currently no release date but the game has been confirmed for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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