A dimension likely to avoid prosecution as entertainment count, revealed by art workers left behind in New Zealand during pandemic


Immigration NZ says more than 560 foreigners who work in the arts and entertainment industry have been given a special exemption to enter New Zealand during the pandemic.

Between June 18, 2020 and December 8, 2021, 564 workers in the entertainment and arts industry had border exception requests approved. Immigration NZ told Newshub that it was not possible to say how many international DJs had approved exemption requests for other critical workers, as that would require going through every case.

While the New Zealand border remains mostly closed to non-New Zealanders, employers can bring workers into the country as “other essential workers,” but they are still “supposed to be genuinely looking to fill the gaps. vacancies with New Zealanders ”.

One category concerns short-term workers, that is, those who must be in New Zealand for less than six months.

According to on the NZ Immigration website, a short-term worker is considered an ‘other essential worker’ if they have ‘unique experience and technical or specialist skills that are difficult to obtain in New Zealand’ or if they assume an ‘urgent’ role for a project. major government, approved government-to-government agreement, or “working with broader and significant benefit to the national or regional economy”.

It states that the skills are considered “difficult to obtain if there are no workers in New Zealand who can perform the role, or if there are a limited number of workers available who can perform the role and they are not available to the employer “.

When he confirmed on Instagram that he was the Omicron positive case, Dimension said he was “devastated” to be tested positive and “extremely sorry” for what had happened.

The incident led Dimension to receive abuse on social media, while criticism was also leveled against the MIQ system for allowing artists to enter the country while families remain abroad unable to enter. New Zealand through the lottery system.

“The Kiwis will be rightly shocked that a DJ was able to enter New Zealand three times in a year to play a variety of music festivals while intensive care nurses and Kiwis stranded abroad have found that it was almost impossible to enter New Zealand, ”said Chris Bishop of National. .

Dimension previously posted photos to social media on Christmas Day showing him at a beach in Waiheke, but has since deleted them. He later said Waiheke’s photos were at a private address approved by the ministry.

Another UK DJ, Friction, and the Kiwi drum and core duo, Lee Mvtthews, also had to withdraw from Rhythm and Alps due to close contact. Friction posted on Instagram that he had received a negative test result but was isolating himself as a precaution.


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