Afro-Latin rock king returns with blessings and miracles


Santana – Blessings and Miracles (Starfaith / BMG, 2021)

“Blessings and Miracles,” Carlos Santana’s new album, features a wide range of musical styles and distinguished guests.

On tracks like “Santana Celebration”, “Mother Yes” and “Ghost of Future Pull II”, Santana returns to her deeply satisfying Latino rock roots, delivering fiery guitar work joined by a spectacular Afro-Latin percussion section.

“Para todos los Rumberos” is a collaboration with his son Salvador Santana and Asdru Sierra d’Ozomatli skillfully mixing rock, tropical rhythms of the Spanish Caribbean and influences of electronic dance music.

On “Joy,” Santana teams up with singer-songwriter Chris Stapleton on a soulful song to an irresistible reggae beat.

Living Color guitarist and singer Corey Glover joins forces with Santana on a great rocker called “Peace Power”. Santana takes rock a step further with a heavy song called “America for Sale” with Kirk Hammett of Metallica and Mark Osegueda of Death Angel.

Santana and Steve Winwood present a nice cover of Procol Harum’s hit “A Whiter Shade of Pale”, with a touch of Latin rhythm.

Stella Santana, a talented R&B singer, joins her father on the dreamy “Breathing Underwater”.

Carlos Santana is also well known for his magnificent melodic slow tempo instrumentals. This time he is playing “Song for Cindy”, dedicated to his beloved wife, Cindy Black Santana.

“Angel Choir / All Together” is bittersweet. This is a fantastic jazz-rock fusion collaboration with the late Chick Corea, who passed away earlier this year. Both Chick Corea and Santana were fusion pioneers and this performance with memorable keyboard and guitar work as well as Latin rhythms is truly exquisite. I wish Carlos Santana and Chick Corea had recorded a full album. The instrumental also features Gayle Moran Corea singing without words.

Also of note, Cindy Blackman Santana plays drums throughout the album (she is an accomplished jazz drummer) and Carlos’ longtime collaborator Kark Perazzo plays Latin percussion.

On three songs, Santana ventured into less interesting sounds, a pop song with Rob Thomas, radio R&B with Kelly Brooke, and boring rap with G-Eazy.

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Author: Angel Romero

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