Against, a frenzied VR rhythm game, arrives in early access this winter


Earlier this year, developer Joy Way released a free demo of his “combat rhythm VR game” Versus, on Steam. The concept that players had to time stabs, gunshots, and dodges to the beat of the music had a lot of appeal in the demo, even though the game was left unfinished. Since then, however, the developer has implemented “significant improvements” to the gameplay and visuals, to the point where they ended up removing the demo because “it no longer represents the end product.” Fortunately, players will be able to dig deeper into Versus soon, because the game will arrive at Steam Early Access This winter.

According to a press release, this revised version of Versus will feature “new mechanics”, “entirely new graphics” and even a comic book-inspired story once launched. Players can expect “a full experience” with “7 levels, all available in 3 difficulties, from Easy to Hard”. As players progress through the levels, they will encounter several types of enemies, including infamous henchmen, “spooky creatures” and deadly bosses. The levels equip players with a variety of weapons they can use to challenge their opponents, including “throwing blades, brass knuckles, and a whip.” For those who want to get creative, Joy Way even plans to release a map editor at some point.

The story of Versus

The story pits players against “Dr. Vice”, whose “ambitions went beyond the scope of an ordinary scientist and became dangerous”. “Comic book cutscenes full of faded colors and spooky shadows” will relay the story to players.

Everything about the visuals and gameplay of Versus looks incredibly promising, and that should make the next Early Access release an exciting one for gamers. The developer also announced that it will be starting a new wave of closed beta testing, so those who want to sign up can do it here.


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