AGAINST is a VR rhythm game merging the best parts of the genre



VERSUS is an upcoming VR rhythm game from developer Joy Way that seems to channel the best parts of popular games in the genre with its own flair and unique mechanics like wall running, jumping, and weapon swapping.

Between Beat the saber, Whip Gun, and FitXR—some of the more popular VR titles, you’ve got the slash, shoot, and punch. But what if you crush them all together?

This is what developer Joy Way intends to find out with Versus, a new title from the studio behind the VR parkour action game Stride (and a handful of other projects), which is slated to launch in the third quarter of this year.

Versus perhaps he clearly borrows mechanisms from his contemporaries, but he also seems to bring his own style to the table. Not only is it built around an austere, rough aesthetic, but it also throws things we haven’t really seen in the genre, like wall running, gesture hopping, bullet cuts, and ball fights. boss (which the studio says will tighten the book each level). Check out the trailer:

The game also has an interesting take on movement. Although he uses the same fixed forward motion as his contemporaries, some of the action happens while standing still, some running, and some running on the wall, which could set a pace. intriguing.

From the trailer alone, it feels like a reimagining of the rhythmic VR genre as much as it does a mashup; We can’t wait to see if juggling all of these mechanics will be as fun as it sounds.

Joy Way says that Versus will launch first on Steam, but the studio appears to have plans to “release to other stores later,” which will hopefully include Quest and PSVR as well. The initial launch should bring 10 tracks with three difficulty levels each (Easy, Hard and Expert).

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It was interesting to see Joy Way experience this title before finally announcing an upcoming launch today. At the end of 2020, the studio shared a low-poly Tron-esque prototype he had built which laid the foundation for what has been a total change in aesthetics. Between Versus, Stride (currently available in Early Access) and its other projects, Joy Way is emerging as a studio with a knack for quickly prototyping interesting VR concepts.



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