Album review: Craneium – Unknown heights


Album review: Craneium - Unknown heights

A monument to hard rock

Finland’s Craneium is back after a three-year hiatus with a new album titled Unknown heights. The album is the group’s third major album, following their 2018 album, The narrow line, which was quite well received by fans of psychedelic rock and fuzz. Craneium is made up of bassist Jonas Ridberg, drummer Joel Kronqvist, guitarists and vocalists Martin Anhlö and Andreas Kaján. They are known for their doom metal sound and spiritual themes embedded in the lyrics. After three years of careful development of new music, the group is back with Unknown heights, a powerful album with six major songs that exceed all expectations and could be considered their best work to date.

Unknown heights kicks off with haunting guitar riffs in the five minute opening titled “A Secret Garden”. The track is quick to mesmerize with a groovy beat and powerful bass. It is clear that Craneium took inspiration from the acid rock of the 70s to compose “A Secret Garden”, although, of course, they included their personal touches of a more doom sound. As always, the band incorporates witty lyrics into their music; “A Secret Garden” refers to a prophecy in the making: “Another prophet of the dunes will rise soon,” they sing.

“Somber Aeons” carries a darker, heavy metal sound with incredibly strong bass. The track begins with heavy, rhythmic drums followed by guitar notes that add a desert rock feel. In addition to the dark lyrics, there is a deep and frightening spoken voice in which the true definition of darkness is explained as “darkness is nothing, then darkness is everything”.

The group takes the audience on a long and crazy ride in the nearly eight minute track “Weight To Carry”. The track includes a wide variety of rock genres, from psychedelic to stoner to doom and even alternative influences. The track even features three haunting guitar solos that are separate but back to back. “The Devil Drives” is another adventure within the album as it is a more alternative and pop influenced track that will make it almost impossible not to dance.

Craneium is sure to gain a bigger audience with its latest project Unknown heights, because it is a clear monument to all genres and sub-genres of hard rock. Although the album only consists of six songs, it is Craneium’s best work to date. The fuzzy guitar sounds, heavy bass, catchy hooks and doom rock sensations are sure to captivate more than one.


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