Album Review: Elninodiablo – The Body Electric EP


Album Review: Elninodiablo - The Electric Body EP

Elninodiablo releases its latest EP full of intrigue

Berlin-based industrial techno artist Elninodiablo has just released his latest EP, The EP electric body. A dark, rhythmic and eclectic techno album, the work combines different types of rhythms and symmetries to create a complete and enjoyable listen.

The EP’s first song is called “Vaugahyde”, which is a four-minute journey into the dark ecstasy of bass drum and asymmetrical rhythm. The song has a sci-fi theme, with robotic synths and sound effects. The song is dark but contains playful elements, combining random sounds like a cowbell and robotic sound effects to create standout themes.

“Body Electric”, the album’s title track, has a Latin vibe attached to a techno vibe. The song sounds somewhat danceable, but also functions as an enjoyable listening piece. As the song develops, more sounds are added to the main beats and synths, more layers on an already fairly developed theme. Vocal elements are then introduced towards the middle of the piece. As the song continues, we are taken on a journey of varying themes and moods at an intermittent beat. Overall, the song is eclectic and fun to listen to, while maintaining the dark vibe of the album, but also adding a party vibe to it.

“Twilight” is a mesmerizing track with watery sounding synths above a buzzing bassline that gives the track the dark vibe that is a common theme throughout the album. The song has a nice vibe in the mid-section, which brings the watery element to the fore and really shines through the piece. From this section to the end is the development of the play. This middle section is much more moving than the first sections and feels like a shift in consciousness.

This album is ideal for anyone looking for laid back music to listen to that still has elements of dance and rhythmicity. The dark techno themes and sounds are soothing yet exciting, and overall the album uses a lot of interesting and impressive techniques.



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