Alice Fiction is hosting a collaboration with popular mobile rhythm game Cytus II, bringing tons of new content and events


Alice Fiction, the recently released and quite successful mobile turn-based gacha RPG, has announced its first major collaboration, this one with another popular mobile game by the name of Cytus II. This collaborative effort will see a barrage of new content to experience alongside a new Pickup Gacha focused on world memories and folklore.

For those unaware, Cytus II is a rhythm game that emphasizes the history and lore of the world in which it is set. It features a massive list of songs composed by people all over the world, ranging from Japan to Korea and even the United States. In honor of this collaboration, the Alice Fiction theme song will now also be available for free in Cytus II.

As for what this collaboration means for Alice Fiction itself, you can expect tons of new content that will be available from August 8th. New character stories and a brand new main story chapter will be added alongside a new Pickup Gacha banner to continue with folklore and world memory focuses with an increased spawn rate for Hippocrates 3 stars and Archimedes 3 stars. These new character stories will feature Achilles and Perseus and offer a deeper insight into their stories.

In addition to all of this, the already ongoing bonus for the double amount of the hard version of the main quest will continue with a new double amount bonus for the underground missions. And finally, a login bonus of up to 50 Memory Keys, the premium gacha currency, will also be given out from August 11-18.

Phew! Needless to say, there’s a lot on offer here to celebrate this crossover between two very good mobile anime titles. If you want to dig deeper yourself, you can check out Alice Fiction for free using one of the links below! In the meantime, you can also check the official Alice Fiction website for more information on this celebration!

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