Almost Four Years After Launching, Switch Rhythm Game Deemo Is Still Getting New Content


When we reviewed Rayark and Flyhigh Works’ Deemo in September 2017, we praised it for being a fantastic rhythm game with an amazing soundtrack and fun mechanics. It was already great value for the money back then, but now, almost four years later, it’s just getting better and better.

A recently released update for the game, bringing it to version 1.8, adds 18 more tracks to its library. These new songs bring the total to 323, a number significantly higher than the roughly 200 tracks available at launch.

You can watch a trailer for this latest update above – some of the new songs included are listed below, with thanks to Gematsu:

  • AD: PIANO Collection 3
    • “FEHLT -DEEMO Edition-“
    • “Kaguya”
    • “Quimi (DEEMO Edit)”
  • Collection of emotional addicts
    • “Endless tales”
    • “The last decision”
    • “Snow thaw”
  • Spring selection
    • “Valentine”
    • “Spring breeze”
    • “Wisteria”
  • Broken memories 2
    • “Moulting season”
    • “Watercolor: 010”
    • “Out of the box”

The Switch offers a lot of fantastic music and rhythm games, and Deemo is definitely up there.

Did you play this one? Do you have any other rhythm game recommendations to share? Run away in the comments.


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