Apple Design Award Winning Rhythm Game ‘Thumper’ Comes to Apple Arcade on October 1


Popular high-intensity, Apple Design Award-winning rhythm game Thumper: Pocket Edition hits Apple Arcade this Friday, October 1.

First spotted by Committed, Apple listed Thumper: Pocket Edition as the next big title to come to its gaming service.

Sold for $ 4.99 on the App Store, Thumper is almost sure to be a hit on Apple Arcade. After its first landing in 2017, the hit rhythm game won an Apple Editors’ Choice Award and an Apple Design Award. Here’s how Apple describes it:

Thumper: Pocket Edition is quite fascinating. It’s a brutal test of reaction time and an impressive dive into dreamlike kaleidoscopic landscapes. Or, perhaps more precisely, in nightmares. The music and sound effects swell and pound with menacing tension, making this dazzling sprint through light and twisted forms feel like a vital struggle for survival. Music games rarely hold your emotions in such a threatening grip.

You can head to the Apple Arcade tab in the App Store to sign up and download automatically Thumper as soon as it becomes available on October 1, all you need to do is press the “Get” button here.

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