Army of the Dead prequel film receives mixed reviews


Army of the dead Expands Netflix Franchise With Previous New Movie Army of thieves – but does this break film all that Army of the dead the fans dreamed?

Taking place several years before the events of Zack Snyder’s zombie horror film Army of the dead, Army of thieves presents us with a slightly younger and less weary version of zombies from cracker Ludwig Dieter (Matthias Schweighöfer, who also directs the film).

Tired of his repetitive and monotonous life and desperate to make better use of his security skills, Ludwig spends his time making YouTube videos that hardly anyone watches.


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One day, he ends up being invited to an underground vault cracking contest and he is brought in to join a team of thieves who want to break into three of the Ring Cycle vaults, which are scattered across Europe. .

Bond with jewelry thief Gwendoline (Game Of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel), Ludwig soon puts his skills to use as the gang try to break into seemingly impossible-to-break safes – while the zombie outbreak looms in the background.

As the film is set for release on Netflix, critics have started to vote on the film after the first screenings and the prequel’s Rotten Tomatoes score so far sits at a reasonably respectable level. 73%.

Many critics praised the film, with the film being described as “fun”, “zippy” and “sparky”. Read on for the first reactions to the film:


“The impending apocalypse is burnt out very early on, but this misstep in storytelling is quite forgivable when there are a lot of other fun elements involved. Fortunately, that’s what Snyder and Hatten’s script provides. has a lot of exposure, but the filmmaker employs a splashy, self-reflective style that leans heavily on the “it’s a movie!” of it all …

Unique and clever heists on a fast spinning, big twists and major reveals, and truly accomplished chase scenes (the one that sees Schweighöfer evade the police on a bicycle is silly, serious, special and fun – the best qualities of the film.) “

army of thieves


Hollywood journalist

“There’s a pleasantly fast pace to the storytelling, with editor Alexander Berner using a lot of wipes, smash cuts, onscreen graphics and Snyder-esque slow-motion and slow-motion to shake up the pace…

“It’s a beautiful movie, and while the script isn’t completely airtight and part of the comedy is a bit broad, its brilliant sense of fun keeps things going until a coda. which links the story directly to Army of the dead. Even though this prequel is tonally quite different and leaves the gore behind, fans of the first film should find an entertaining addition to it. “


Army of thieves is one of those incredibly cheerful and whimsical Netflix action movies, in this case with a romantic heart. There are no zombies in it, unless you count the ones that appear in a few dream sequences. But the film shows its way to the zombie apocalypse in Vegas, and the temptation that awaits it: the Götterdämmerung, the fourth and final Ring Cycle Vault. If you saw Army of the dead, you know what happens next. But compared to this movie, this one feels like a Batman prequel all about Robin. “


“There’s plenty of room for character and world-building, but none of that gets in the way Army of thieves acting as an incredibly entertaining stand-alone. With franchise formation always being a delicate matter, any decision to expand a story can be a blessing or a curse. In that case, Army of thieves Absolutely breaks the bank with charm and style, much like any professional thief would on their best mission… this movie isn’t just about getting away with a score; it’s about having fun and proving yourself because you can. “

army of thieves


Not all of the film’s reviews weren’t so rave, however, with some critics wondering who the film is for:


“It’s hard to discern who exactly a movie like Army of thieves intended to. It’s not a zombie movie enough to satisfy this audience, and not a junkyard movie enough to satisfy this audience. this public. Instead, it’s a weird hybrid of something that seems to resonate with mythology. Army of the dead established only five months ago is so important and / or iconic that it requires extensive excavation. And it’s just … not.

“As throwaway entertainment it has done the job very well, but holding up an array of prequels and sequelae may be more than this army can muster.”

The Envelope

“There is never a moment in Army of thieves it illustrates why this movie had to happen, especially not when the characters have to either show off what makes them unique or talk about their generic behavior. There are vague discussions of how everyone in the film, both protagonist and antagonist, plays a role, although no one’s motivations are clear enough or well developed to make them likable. “

army of thieves


The Globe and Mail

“If you squint your eyes and focus most of your mental energy on folding your laundry, yes, Army of thieves is pretty cool. But it’s also a bit bland, a bit stereotypical, and a bit sad. If this is the kind of immediately franchisable content that the streaming giant thinks its audiences want or need, then we are truly doomed. “

Army of the dead is available to watch on Netflix now. Army of thieves will be available to watch from Friday October 29 on Netflix.

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