Art Dubai 2022 explores new frontiers in the art world


With over 100 contemporary, modern and digital galleries in 44 countries, including over 30 new exhibitors and an exciting new section dedicated to digital art and NFTs, Art Dubai 2022 brings the global art world together in the emirate. from March 11 to 13.

Considered the most important edition of the annual event to date, this year’s showcase highlights Art Dubai’s unique position in the art world. Continually championing underrepresented art and artists from the Global South, it now expands into the dazzling – and sometimes daunting – new frontier of the metaverse. A bridge between the historical traditions of the art world, where the roles and relationships of artists, galleries and collectors are firmly established – and the digital art, NFTs and crypto that promise to disrupt these customs, Art Dubai 2022 offers a dynamic window into how we could create, enjoy and invest in the art of the future.

Exclusively for AD, Pablo del Val, the fair’s artistic director, selects the unmissable highlights of Art Dubai 2022!

Digital Dubai Art

Sleeping Sun Trilogy – Act II – Last Ride of the Day, (2022) by Willea Zwey, courtesy of Willea Zwey and Art Dubai.

In its inaugural edition, Art Dubai Digital introduces us to the developing landscape of digital art and NFTs. Curated by Web3 scholar Chris Fussner, the section will feature 18 international galleries examining the context in which NFTs, cryptocurrency, video art and virtual reality (VR) have developed since the rise of art digital in the 1980s.

“Visitors can see a wide range of presentations, including those from new native digital platforms, some in the metaverse, and others from established “bricks and mortar” galleries that are leading expansion into this new territory,” says del Val.

Featuring some of the most exciting and innovative artists working in the digital space today including Refik Anadol (Pilevneli) and Uta Bekaia and Denis Davydov (Window Project) as well as multi-artist presentations by Institute, Bright Moments, Postmasters , Emergeast and Cyber ​​Baat, Art Dubai Digital is indeed our window to the art world of tomorrow.


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