Asa joins Spotify EQUAL Music Program as Ambassador of the Month


In line with Spotify’s drive to promote gender equality in the music industry and showcase influential female musicians, the global streaming platform invites Asa to join the EQUAL program’s roster of amazing African women making waves in the world. the music.

“Through the EQUAL Music program, we continue to amplify the work of creative women by offering our resources and creating opportunities for these artists. We are proud to present Asa, who is well known and loved for her limitless ability to create her own world through music, with timeless vocals and themes that capture the emotions of a generation,” said the head of music from Spotify for sub-Saharan Africa. , Phiona Okumu.

The Paris-born Nigerian singer and songwriter fuses Indie-Pop, Soul, Jazz, Afrobeats and R&B to deliver fiery, chart-topping beats that are revered the world over.

The “GaolerThe crooner has been a huge inspiration to alternative and contemporary African artists, both on the African continent and around the world for over 15 years since the launch of her platinum-certified self-titled debut album, Asa, with her music-infused discography. Africanism and Soul. Asa’s music is best defined as a timeless classic, with a charismatic, daring and evolving style.

“I am honored to be Spotify EQUAL Ambassador of the Month. It’s great to be part of something like this – a movement that’s new but always has been. It’s beautiful when we are celebrated and recognized for our contributions to music and art over the years. Coming to the release of my album ‘V’, it’s great,” says Asa.

Asa’s Trail”Mayana” will animate the EQUAL Africa playlist and will appear on the EQUAL Worldwide playlist.


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