Big Horror Movie, A Quiet Place becomes a video game


A Quiet Place, the horror movie franchise, is now in game development

There has always been the possibility for a video game to jump into a movie and vice versa. We saw it with the Mario Brothers movie in the ’90s (and we’re excited about the Mario animated film in the works), Silent Hill has both video games and movies under his belt, and Resident Evil has its fair share of movies, some animated, and live action. However, it’s rare to see a movie turned into a video game unless it’s already a big deal, like James Bond Movies or Batman.

However, it has been confirmed that A Quiet Place, the horror hit, has been picked up by Saber Interactive and Illogika, and will be released sometime in 2022. There is very little information that has been released about the game. – even, no trailer, no concept art. It has, however, been confirmed that while the game is based on the A Quiet Place universe, it will be its own original story, as well as a horror adventure geared towards the first-person story. While both companies have kept the information handy, they promise to release more information later this year. This means that we can only hope that it means that we will hear more about this game in the next couple of months, rather than wait any longer.

For those unfamiliar with A Quiet Place or its hit sequel, A Quiet Place II, the story takes place in a post-invaded Earth where invading aliens are blind but incredibly sensitive, which they use to hunt down humans. Surviving humans have to be, well, silent, in order to survive. For a video game, even if it’s a one-person game, it lends itself to all kinds of possibilities. If we’re lucky, that could mean at the very least a system similar to Alien: Isolation where the controller’s microphone could betray your noises towards the alien enemy. Or, it could mean that we are seeing a mechanism similar to the one we see in the Dark Pictures anthology, where a button must be pressed to the rhythm of the character’s heart rate or breathing in order to keep the character alive. Or it can be the same as with other games where if the heart rate picks up, things get worse for the character. The possibilities for implementing the tense atmosphere are endless.

And since Illogika has titles like Cuphead on its roster, expectations are high.

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