BLOODY HEELS First music video “The Velvet”


Latvian hard rockers Bloody Heels have released a video for “The Velvet”, which will feature on the band’s new studio album, Rotten Romance, which will be released on June 10. Watch the clip below and pre-order/save Rotten Romance here.

Rotten Romance, their third album overall, follows their debut on Frontiers, Ignite The Sky (2020). While the band still shows nods to the great 80s hard rock scene in their sound, the new album features a stylistic leap from the band that is delightfully unexpected and welcome. Not content with stagnating in their musical approach, the Bloody Heels have pushed their sound forward, proving that innovation within the boundaries of a genre is always possible when the will to break through barriers exists.

Rotten Romance is sure to appeal to fans of the band’s previous work, where strains of classic 80s hard rock were mixed with elements of heavy metal (and it still is here), but touches of progressive rock, metal gothic, and more modern rock is now identifiable in the mix and with spectacular results. Vocalist Vicky White’s whiskey-soaked throat is in top form here, while guitarist Harry Rivers, bassist Gunn Everett and already-superb drummer Gus Hawk hit multiple levels. Intense, driving parts intertwine with atmospheric, sometimes dark breakdowns, giving the album’s beat a pleasing variety that works seamlessly.

Did Bloody Heels just provide the blueprint for how the class of bands that respect 80s hard rock and metal can really push the genre into exciting and inventive new territory? Only time will tell, but with ‘Rotten Romance’, these Latvian upstarts have certainly thrown down a gauntlet for their peers to try to compete with.

Formed in 2012 in Riga, Latvia, Bloody Heels rose to prominence with the EP Summer Nights (2014) and studio albums Through Mystery (2017) and Ignite The Sky (2020). They have performed all over Europe including Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium and the Baltic States.

Track list:

“Dream Killers”
“Rotten Romance”
“Distant Memory”
“Sinner’s Hour”
“Mirror Mirror”
“When the Rain and I Meet”
“The Raven’s Lullaby”
“Bridges on Fire”
“The Angels Weep”

Video “The Velvet”:

“Rotten Romance” video:

“Dream Killers”:

Line up:
Vicky White – vocals
Harry Rivers – Guitars
Gunn Everett – Bass
Gus Hawk – Drums


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