Colors of Empathy: PaintBrush Art Community Strengthens Connections to Performance


Between earth and sky at PaintBrush Art Community.

Mohammad Yusuf, Feature Writer

PaintBrush Art Community co-founders Sonal Purohit and Dr. Romit Purohit are back with another art extravaganza, dedicated to art and artists. Until June 25, the collective exhibition entitled “I” is held at the luxury Marriott Al Jaddaf hotel in Dubai, after a sparkling opening ceremony on May 20.

“It’s a tradition in the PaintBrush art community to set standards for perfection,” the Purohits say. “This show is also a perfect amalgamation of art and entertainment, just like the previous art exhibitions organized by this artistic group have been.

Never compromising on quality is the thought behind every event we run. 47 works by 46 artists from seven countries are exhibited. “Each piece of art contains a part of the soul of the artist and it is clearly seen in each piece of art on display,” says Sonal.


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The participating artists are Afshan Quraishi, Amal Mirajkar, Anil Kamble, Anjini Prakash Laitu, Anjum Daud, Anupa Bhambhaney, Archana Udeshi, Avigyan Bhattacharya, Bhupendra Bagla, Iti Sethi, Jaya Phulwani, Jisha Sameer, Jyoti Singla, Kadambini Choubey, Kavita Sriram, Kavitha Vinod, Koushal Choudhary, Krishnanand, Medha Nerurkar, Moni Shyam, Nripan Purakkat, Paulomi Rana, Prabita Rajesh, Ravindra Parkhi, Reena Dhiman, Rekha Mudbidri, Renu Shivam, Rishu Gosain Roy, Sabah Anees, Saima Hasan, Sana Bano Moin Ahmed, Sangeeta Parashar, Shilpi Dutta, Shivani Mathur, Somya Rastogi, Sonal Purohit, Dr.Soumya Shree, Sugat Priyadarshi and Susmitha Dhruva (all from India); Anna Wyborn (Russia); Leila Taghiani (Iran); Mriam Ashraf (Egypt); Mudher S. Alwan (Iraq); Musarat Yasmin Abid (Pakistan); Nayma Yasir (Pakistan) and Rajia Hammour (Morocco).

The inauguration was graced by guests known for their unwavering support of artistic fraternity.

They included Ruby Sajan (Danube Group), Azhar Sajan (Casa Milano), Sultana Kazim, Ahmed Al Awadhi (Rukni), Anjini Prakash Laitu, Dr Ahmed Al Sharafi (International Radiology Center), Abdulla Al Mubarak, Saju Nair (Televisionario2), RJ Prince, Alok Bhargava (RBPG Chairman), Dr Kirti Mohan Marya and Dr Pooja Marya, Shivam Sharma, Afshan Quraishi, Dr Shive Krishna Purohit and Indu Purohit.

Romit purohit 22 JPaintBrush Art Community co-founders Dr. Romit Purohit and Sonal Purohit.

The Plan B group also lent their support, “as always in their own way”, as Sonal put it. Its CEO, Dr. Harmeek Singh, also passionate about art, gave his personal support to the success of the event. The artistic tour that followed the opening ceremony served as a learning experience for the guests as well as the artists, who proudly explained their works. Sonal pointed out that the uniqueness of the exhibition lies in the fact that it was totally curated by the artists themselves. The opening was also marked by a minute of silence as a sign of respect for the former president of the United Arab Emirates, who recently passed away.

The Tanoura dance mesmerized the audience with its liberal use of lights and sound. Tanoura means “skirt” in English and Tanoura dance is a kind of folk dance, very common in Islamic countries, especially in Egypt and Turkey.

It is usually performed by Sufi men to Sufi music; the dancers continually spin to the beat. Dancing is also one of the highlights of Dubai desert safaris. Facilitator and artist Prabita Rajesh introduced the idea behind the exhibition and offered her perspective on the Paintbrush Art community. She was joined by Sonal, who described the journey and milestones reached by the Community.

The guests were surprised again when ace artist Sugat Priyadarshi performed a mime act on stage. The lighthearted act reminded audiences of the days of the legendary Charlie Chaplin. Laughter erupted as RJ Prince and Dr. Romit took over the stage. Their energy and spirit resonated with those present. People remained glued to their seats throughout the affair! A dance performance by Prabita Rajesh and her daughter Anashwara Rajesh followed.

“The PaintBrush art community has once again proven how much they appreciate and cherish art and artists,” said co-founder Dr. Romit. “Each of our events has been moving. Artists are not only dedicated to art, but also busy spreading hope and healing in an otherwise troubled world. In the past, Community artists have designed lab coats for Covid warriors, to spread the message of empathy. They painted blue collar T-shirts at an event at the Consulate General of India.

PaintBrush has also been featured in a book dedicated to their artistic journey called “The Art and Artisans”. During lockdown, the PaintBrush art community rocked the art world by hosting some of the most popular online art exhibitions. Sonal says his personal artistic journey has only just begun. she hopes to create more memorable events for art lovers. She believes that all of us, artists and art lovers, evolve together.

She is right, of course. Art is all around us. Whether hearing his favorite song on the radio or walking past a beautiful mural, he experiences art every day.

Cultures large and small come together through the arts to build better communities. The arts provide an opportunity to come together with others from all walks of life and exchange views, strengthening social bonds. “Let’s make this world a more bearable place with art!” Sonal said. “Let’s spread compassion and serenity in the world through the colors of joy!” With this in mind, the artists in the Community have begun their journey to their next destination – hopefully to create fonder memories for all art lovers. The PaintBrush Art Community is now a close-knit family of over 300 artists.


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