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BENGALURU: The pandemic has dramatically changed life as we know it. As for the artist Gurudas Shenoy, he found a new perspective to look at art. The well-known artist’s latest solo exhibition, 730, which runs at the Bangalore International Center from May 27-29, is a collection of paintings he created during the lockdown. After the physical exhibition, the exhibition will also be held on until June 30.

730 is an unusual name for an exhibition. Shenoy breaks it down, saying, “The length of time between the March 2020 lockdown and my exposure is 730 days, which is how the name came about.” Speaking of the two-year period, Shenoy adds: “It was the first time I was confined to my home studio for such a long time. But even though I couldn’t travel, somehow I I embraced the calm. This time gave me the opportunity to deepen my work. I became bolder, I started to use more layers and more abstraction.

Hailing from scenic Udupi, perched amidst the Western Ghats mountains to the east and the Arabian Sea to the west, Shenoy is inspired by nature. In addition to painting his iconic landscapes and cityscapes, during the lockdown he began to experiment with other subjects. Routine objects, as well as broader strokes, also seeped into his practice.

Therefore, the show is an amalgamation of artworks from different series, created at a time when Shenoy continued to travel to different places on his canvas, from the safety of the studio above his house. “This exhibition features works from many different series. Some of them continued during the exhibition and others he created completely fresh during the pandemic. We also wanted to do justice to the fact that it was a diverse piece of work,” says Lisa Jain, co-founder of artisera.

To better understand his work, the exhibition has two series. One of them is called the Confined Stories series, which shows the dichotomy of two worlds – inside and outside. Shenoy captured the feeling of yearning to be outdoors on his canvas. Another new series presented for the first time in this exhibition is Spiritual Odyssey. The paintings in this series are compositions inspired by Shenoy’s travels in the Himalayas, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Badrinath and Kedarnath. In the latest series called Reminiscence and Resurgence, there is a rhythm of abstraction that breaks the rigidity of constructed form.

(730 will take place at Bangalore International Center between May 27-29)


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