Deemo Rhythm Game Inspires Signal.MD’s Animated Film, Production IG – News


Rayark Games announced during its Anime NYC panel friday that society Demo game inspires an animated film. The film is set to “end” in 2020. Sister studios Signal.MD and Production GI produce the movie.

Jun’ichi Fujisaku is credited as the film’s executive director, along with Shuhei Matsushita credited as director, and Yoshihiro Hiramine credited as assistant director. Fujisaku is also writing the script alongside Bun’Ō Fujisawaand Mebachi draw the characters. Yuki Kajiura composes the film’s theme song. pony canyon is producing.

Other staff include:

Demo debuted as an iOS and Android smartphone game in 2013. Rayark Games later released the game on the PlayStation Vita in Japan in 2015 with the title Deemo: last recital. PM Studios and Rising Star Games released the game for PS Vita in North America and Europe, respectively, in May 2017. The game received a release on the nintendo Global Switch in September 2017. Deemo -Reborn-a new version of the game compatible with virtual reality devices, will debut on November 21.

Rayark Games describes the game:

A girl who fell from the sky and lost her past Deemo who plays the piano all alone in the treehouse world an accidental encounter between the two.

The music flows as the fingers strike the piano keys. The beginning of a fairy tale journey has begun…

“Before you leave, don’t forget to say a final goodbye.”

Source: PR Newswire, pony canyonit is Youtube channel


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