Drakeo The Ruler died at 28, stabbed at LA Music Festival


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Update, Thursday January 27 at 11:00 p.m.: Deadline reported Thursday night that the family of the late Drakeo the Ruler (real name Darrell Caldwell) intends to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Live Nation, Bobby Dee Presents and C3 Presents. Caldwell was stabbed to death at the Once Upon a Time festival in Los Angeles, where he was due to perform in December. The family’s attorney, said James Bryant Los Angeles Times that “Mr. Caldwell was basically lynched by over 40 to 60 people, and as you also saw, Mr. Caldwell had no security,” referring to a video of the mob attacking Caldwell. Bryant also said claimed the lawsuit would be filed next week, seeking more than $20 million from concert promoters.

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Update: Tuesday, December 21 at 9:15 a.m.: Drakeo’s mother, Darrylène Corniel, remembered her late son in a new interview with rolling stone. “Darrell, my son, had a good heart,” she said. “He cared about those around him because I taught him that, to be careful of everyone. People who really know my son knew he was a real individual. He had a genuine heart. Corniel added who she planned to sue for an alleged lack of security at Once Upon a Time in LA, which she claims contributed to Drakeo’s death after he was stabbed backstage. comes after Drakeo’s brother, rapper Ralfy the Plug, remembered him shortly after his death was announced on Sunday.”He just wanted to see everyone win and it seemed like everyone wanted to see him lose,” he wrote. on social networks. “Words can’t even explain what I’m about to throw.”

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Vulture can confirm that influential Los Angeles rapper Drakeo the Ruler (real name Darrell Caldwell) has died aged 28 following a reported backstage stabbing at Once Upon a Time in Los Angeles Festival, where he was scheduled to perform, Saturday night at Banc of California and Exposition Park. Writer Jeff Weiss reported for the first time the news on Twitter, writing of the passing of “the greatest West Coast artist of a generation, a legend who invented a new rap language of slick cadences, nervous beats and psychedelic slang, which has beat life twice to suffer the most tragic fate conceivable.” Just last year, on November 4, 2020, the rapper was released from prison after being found not guilty of murder and attempted murder in July 2019. Both TMZ and James Queally for the THE Time also reported the news earlier Sunday morning. After the reported stabbings, the rest of the festival – which included headliners Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, YG, Ice Cube, etc. – has been canceled, although no reason was given. Live Nation, the organizer of the festival, said in a statement at Variety, “There was an altercation on the pavement backstage. Out of respect for those involved and in coordination with local authorities, the performers and organizers have decided not to move forward with the remaining sets, so the festival s ended an hour early.

While in LA County Men’s Central Jail, Drakeo the Ruler released his 2020 album Thanks for using GTL – fully registered on the telephone system of the prison of the same name – which reviews dubbed the “greatest prison rap album of all time”. Then, in February 2021, the rapper also collaborated with Drake on his song “Talk to Me,” a feat that Vulture writer Justin Curto called “practically intended from the start.” Drakeo the Ruler released four albums in 2021, The truth hurts, A cold day in hell, Isn’t that the truthand So cold that I make them 2 just earlier this month. Below are memories and tributes via Twitter to Drakeo the Ruler, from friends, industry collaborators, celebrities, and more.

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