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Red cherry (label)

January 14, 2022 (published)

2 d

As a band, Eliminator have been around for a decade, but this is only their second full album, following 2018’s “Last Horizon.”

They clearly have Iron Maiden as an influence (not a bad thing) but ‘Ancient Light’ has a very strong identity in a powerful sound, great vocals from Danny Foster, massive drums courtesy of Dave Steen and excellent twin guitars of Jack MacMichael (lead) and Matthew Thomas (rhythm). Jamie Brandon provides powerful yet smooth bass.

As a fan of “really” heavy metal, I was really thrilled to hear them go all out to deliver an album that truly represents their strength and not disappear into the “melodic metal” hole that seems to be taking over of so many bands today. That’s not to say there isn’t melody or melody in the songs on Eliminator, but they combine those things with raw power to create an album that’s really aiming for searing riffs and searing vocals.

Inevitably it’s a quasi-concept album where the songs form a story but the tracks can still be listened to on their own merits and even though I’ve listened many times from cover to cover I still picked out a few specific tracks – ‘Goddess Of Life’ has a great riff while the more subtle and complex ‘Foreverless’ was the track I went back to more than once.

All in all a great album and considering the struggles of making albums over the last two years quite an achievement.


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