Enlightening New Art Exhibit Opens in Austin


AUSTIN, TX (WFSB) – Nature’s beauty is now a little more dazzling at sunset, thanks to an art exhibit opening soon in Austin, Texas.

When night falls at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, a fantastical garden takes over the landscape.

A field of 28,000 colored spheres light up, giving people a different way to connect with nature.

“I wanted to make art that wasn’t about the self, but rather about the experience we all share.” Bruce Munro is an artist known for creating large, immersive installations that combine art, technology and nature. “My interest is to see how it changes the landscape and how the landscape changes it.”

The passage experience allows people to walk among 16 acres of spindles of light.

Katenya McHenry is Director of Marketing and Communications at Lady Bird Johnson. “It’s a great way to not only introduce something new to Austin, but also introduce something new to the guests of the Wildflower Center.”

Field of Light operates off-grid. The spheres are lit by solar-powered fiber optics, and the Wildflower Center embraced the green exhibit because of how strongly it connects people to nature.

“We are still coming out of the pandemic and being in nature is such a healing thing for people.”

The creator of this art after dark hopes that the gentle rhythms of color will light up people’s lives. “I hope they go home with happier hearts and a smile on their face.”


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