Every Jet Li Movie Ranked From Worst To Best


1993’s “Kung Fu Cult Master” is a goofy action-comedy fantasy film with an over-the-top style and tons of magical, super-powered abilities like flight, flame manipulation, jungle vine electrocution, and a monk. laughing hysterically rolling on the surface of a giant boulder. The story is set during the Yuen Dynasty and follows many good and evil cults of martial artists as they all vie for control of a pair of golden swords believed to contain the power to overpower all opponents.

Alongside Jet Li are many notable Hong Kong film industry regulars such as Sammo Hung, Collin Chou, and Francis Ng, among others. Although the film didn’t make too much of an impression when it was initially released, the story has made a major resurgence in recent years. The film’s director, Jing Wong, returned almost 30 years later to reboot the property with “New Kung Fu Cult Master” starring Donnie Yen, and a sequel, “New Kung Fu Cult Master 2”, both released in 2022. .

Although it has an audience score of 72% on rotten tomatoes, the film has no critical rating and many reviews posted on “Kung Fu Cult Master” are not very positive. Joey O’Bryan wrote for The Austin Chronicle“Director Wong Jing […] is notorious for working without a finished script, and while he often loads his work with a kind of wacky spontaneity, here it only serves to throw viewers into fits of maddening frustration as they vainly try to figure it out. an insane story that the director is probably reinventing himself as he goes.” I love HK movies review succinctly calls the film “fast, furious, frantic and basically forgettable”.


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