Fate/Grand Order Waltz is a rhythm game with Mash Kyrielight


On August 10, 2020, Aniplex and Delightworks teased a “mysterious” spin-off app for Fate/Grand Order, but since August 11, 2020, the secret has been revealed. The mobile app named “#FGOW” is actually Fate/Grand Order: Moonlight Waltz/Lostroom. It’s actually a rhythm game.

Here is the official trailer:

The players of Fate/Grand Order Waltz will touch the screen to the rhythm of the beat while watching Mash perform various songs and dances. Good performances will earn money which can be used to unlock alternate costumes for Mash to wear. Other items may also be available for use in the VR-like portion of the game teased earlier, where players hang out with their Shielder class companion in the Lost Room, a secret location in the Chaldean base where “the past rides the future”. The game will feature a story written by the core FGO narrative team, as well as selected music from the main game in addition to new pieces.

Unfortunately for fans who want to stock up Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA with FGO characters, Fate/Grand Order Waltz is a limited release with only 550,000 downloads available on Google Play and Apple App Stores in Japan. These were quickly retrieved by impatient Masters. As of now, the only option is to add the game to your wishlist and hope Aniplex opens it again.

In the meantime, these quick-fingered early adopters have been posting gameplay footage from the early stages. Check out the recordings below from users Kyuu and Mukuron for a preview of the tutorial and the first song:

Fate/Grand Order: Midnight Waltz/Lostroom is available on iOS and Android devices. Check out more updates from the Japanese edition’s 5th anniversary celebrations.


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