Fresh: 7 behind-the-scenes facts about the Hulu horror movie


WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Costs all along. We very recommend streaming the movie on Hulu before we dive into these juicy behind-the-scenes facts.

One of the main reasons why I believe that Costs is one of the best new horror movies to be released this year (let alone one of the best new movie releases in 2022 in general) is that it’s truly unlike any horror movie I’ve have never seen. A female director’s visually exquisite horror film (it’s the start of Mimi Cave), at first feels like a romantic comedy in which Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones) believes she’s finally found what she’s been looking for in Steve. (Sebastian Stan), until his true evil intentions are revealed, which ends the 30-minute cold open before the opening credits finally roll.

Hulu’s horror film birth story is also very unique, including that of the Winter Soldier actor. sharp idea for filming his audition tape or the more professional means by which the film’s otherwise gruesome culinary delights were crafted. We will reveal these secrets and more about Costs with the following behind-the-scenes facts, starting with the origin of this crazy story.

Wealthy Cannibals of Fresh

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New Writer Lauryn Kahn Was Inspired By A Darkness She Says Surrounds “Uber-Wealthy”

Assuming you’ve seen Costs before you read this (and you definitely should) i guess it’s safe to mention that Sebastian Stan’s Steve turns out to be a cannibal and Daisy Edgar-Jones’ Noa is horrified to find out she’s next On the menu. However, Steve does not take all the meat for himself, but also sells it to customers of similar taste and, above all, of exceptional wealth. Where these two lifestyles could potentially intersect in reality is what gave Lauryn Kahn the idea to write the film, as she revealed to The envelope in the following quote:

I am fascinated by the super-rich and the darkness that probably surrounds them when you reach a certain level of wealth… When you can have everything at your fingertips, what, at that moment, brings you joy ? What makes you happy when you can literally have it all? And years ago, I heard a dark story about someone ultra-rich who scarred me. I think there’s a fascination with that and the idea of ​​something bigger. It’s not only [Steve] do this, but there are people involved, and that’s [a] network. And just with the dark web, black market, and cryptocurrency, and all those nefarious things that are going on. God, I hope it doesn’t actually exist, but I’m sure some shitty stuff does.

Sebastian Stan in Fresh

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Sebastian Stan danced with a kitchen knife in his new audition video

To prove to Lauryn Kahn and the producers of Costs that he was, indeed, the right person to play the ultra-rich’s forbidden food purveyor, Sebastian Stan submitted a video (which he later shared with instagram) of him dancing to Womack and Womack’s R&B ballad “Teardrops” with a shiny kitchen knife in hand. A version of his gruesome moves would actually be part of the film for a scene in which Steve flips a woman’s severed leg in time to Animotion’s 1983 hit “Obsession.”

Sebastian Stan hovering with a charming smile in Fresh.

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Sebastian Stan researched serial killers and narcissists to prepare for his new role

Outside of his dance moves, what sets Steve apart from other horror movie villains is an oddly charismatic and confident demeanor that initially makes Noa fall in love with him at the start of Costs. In an interview with black girl nerds, Sebastian Stan explained that, to get into the proper mindset for his deceptively charming character, he studied the narcissism and psychological profiles of known serial killers, which led to a chilling conclusion that a characteristic that these types of individuals tend to have in common is learning. on others by revealing information about themselves. This is similar to how Steve gets to know Noa, while secretly trying to decide if she is his kind of prey.

Daisy Edgar-Jones in Fresh

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Lauryn Kahn lifted dating advice in Cosmopolitan’s Noa magazine

Much to Steve’s horror at the end of Costs, Noa brilliantly turns the tables on him in a shockingly gloriously shocking way and manages to escape from his secluded home with his best friend, Molly (Jojo T. Gibbs), and Penny (Andrea Bang). She achieves this victory by messing with her captor’s head and using advice from one of Steve’s former captors that Noa finds written in a magazine with old-fashioned dating advice (like “Smile more”) that are also very useful.

Speaking to reporter Preston Barta for cool fictionLauryn Kahn revealed that this magazine’s Cosmopolitan-esque philosophies actually came straight from a real issue of Cosmopolitan.

Fresh meat

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A chef has been hired to specially prepare meals that are eaten fresh

Part of Noa’s mind game against Steve involves feigning curiosity about his unusual appetite, which leads him to prepare a series of what might appear to be high-quality gourmet meals to the naked eye. However, when talking to the hosts of CinemaBlend’s own ReelBlend podcast, Costs director Mimi Cave revealed that she would have conversations with the head of production about how they could give the meat some “grossness” while keeping everything edible. For example, chicken meat was often used to pose for human parts with beet juice added for blood.

Daisy Edgar-Jones in Fresh

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New director Mimi Cave helped make the film’s secret trailer

Another Fascinating Secret Mimi Cave Revealed during his ReelBlend interview revolved around the subject of retaining most of the darker plot details Costs a secret in marketing – something that many studios tend to let go of, believing it’s better for the public interest. However, the filmmaker had the rare chance to participate in the creation of the film’s trailer, for which she mentions that she tried to “hide things…while creating excitement”. She added that she had heard that it was unusual for a director to have a creative input into the marketing of their own film, but she had never experienced it before, being a first-time filmmaker, making it an even more amazing oddity.

Sebastian Stan and Daisy-Edgar Jones dance in Fresh

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Daisy Edgar-Jones’ dress in the final act was steamed so it won’t wrinkle on a daily basis

Speaking of oddities, Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones were interviewed by Collider if they had any particularly “surprising” behind-the-scenes anecdotes worth mentioning. Stan responded by revealing that the pink dress Daisy Edgar-Jones wears at the end of Costs was steamed by the crew every day. The co-stars found keeping the outfit wrinkle-free confusing, given the violence that occurs when she wears it.

Stan also mentions in this interview that he and Mimi Cave talked about the possibility of Noa’s dress becoming a popular Halloween costume one day. Considering the refreshing response to this horror movie, I’m willing to bet we’ll see plenty of women showing up to their local costume party wearing pink dresses with giant bows and Converse sneakers.


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