Geoffroy Pithon’s explosive mix of art and graphics for Claptrap’s latest music video


Geoffroy Pithon was approached by Claptrap earlier last year about finding an identity for his latest music album, Adulting, under French label Un je-ne-sais-quoi.

Originally conceived by Eric Pasquereau, each of the songs has been expertly broken down, twisted, disguised and recomposed in collaboration with Julien Chevalier, Paul Loiseau and Vincent Robert to create a pleasant fusion of traditional instruments such as mandolin, classical guitar and percussion with futuristic modules. synthesizers, drum machines and electronic music. You could say it’s an unorthodox electroacoustic masterpiece that’s ripe for creative input from Pithon.

Abstract and playful, Pithon’s resulting artwork is typical of his approach. A graduate of the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and a member of the former Formes Vives collective, he is as much a graphic designer as a painter with two opposing practices that generate interesting results for a varied clientele. It’s as if he was playing in an arm wrestling match between the many constraints that weigh on the first and a whole lot of freedom that characterizes the second. But he somehow strikes the right balance with an approach that develops unique visual languages ​​and identities where colors, words, clumsiness, shapes and figures come together beautifully.

It certainly inspired him to create an exciting suite of artwork for Claptrap – painting, drawings, paper cut-outs and lettering – which were also brought together in a stop motion music video animated by Gérald Fleury. An animator, director, illustrator and visual artist, Fleury has a background in applied arts and is no stranger to the music industry. With Timo Hateau, he forms the director duo Mizotte & Cabecou, ​​which specializes in creating music videos for Andy Shauf, Deerhoof and Shannon Wright.

Adulting by Claptrap is out now, and you can sit back and enjoy his latest track, Out Of, below. In the meantime, you can see more of Pithon’s latest work at


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