Give the gift of live music to your community – now and in the future


Music of all kinds forms the backdrop to our lives, whether we deliberately choose a track to listen to or suddenly find our feet tapping on that background music in the mall.

Thanks to endless arrangements of notes and tones, the music conveys all the emotions of the spectrum. Everyone knows the singing and magical beginning of the Harry potter theme, or Beethoven’s dramatic debut Fifth Symphony – music creates an atmosphere through sound and can transport us to different worlds and times.

While music is always available, live music is an experience that transcends any other listening medium. Live music takes on a life of its own, especially in its symphonic form – there just isn’t a better way to experience music and it’s something we’ve missed with COVID.

From classical to jazz – and more!

As things return to a more normal pace and the live performances that bring the music to life are once again a reality, the Bremerton WestSound Symphony is happy to resume its full boom.

The Bremerton WestSound Symphony 2021-22 concert series began with a triumphant fanfare on October 10 with a special double concert program featuring the full orchestra and special guest jazz singer Eugenie Jones.

The celebration continued with a concert on November 7 that illustrated the freedoms we all enjoy with its vibrant flamenco and gypsy rhythms, evoking images of a freer time that invited feet to tap!

Ringing in the Christmas season, the November 28 concert heralded the joy of the upcoming holidays with Bach’s Wedding Cantata and Advent celebration held at St. Gabriel Catholic Church. Ann Jacobs, Head of Media, notes that “the last gig was so well received – everyone was happy and thrilled as they got home!”

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Your generosity makes the future sound good!

Bremerton WestSound Symphony makes the best music in the world available to everyone and they would like to thank the many generous donors who support their efforts to bring creative and enriching programming and music education to Bremerton.

Help play the music! Your year-end donation to the Bremerton WestSound Symphony brings music to the community for now and for the future. Donations help keep concerts coming. They are also securing the future of this type of live music through scholarships for their fantastic Youth Jazz program and the many other music education programs for young people offered by Bremerton WestSound Symphony. Music is a lifelong gift!

Keep the gift of playing live music for now and for the future! Until the end of 2021, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar up to $ 20,000!

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