Great Playlists: How Music Can Improve Studies and Concentration


Writing is neither a science, nor an art, nor a profession. True, it contains elements of all of these things, but it is none in its entirety.

Of course, the rules of language, syntax and grammar are immutable. In this respect, writing is like a science with its rules and definitions. But the talent to write, like the talent to paint or to play an instrument, is linked to something much deeper.

The best music for writing can be used to draw inspiration and inspire emotion. Or, it can easily set a rhythm and cadence for your thoughts. This article aims to explain why you will benefit from inspiring music for writing and give examples of some playlists.

Won’t music distract, instead of inspire?

or off. Purposeful writing can be difficult and overwhelming.

For example, if you are learning chemistry or biology, this knowledge will always be accessible to you at any time. Inspiration and writing are much more fickle and volatile. There has never been an artist who has been able to maintain the same production quality throughout their career. Even the best have made it through writer’s block.

Artistic inspiration rarely comes from the mind, but rather from the realm of spirituality, instinct and emotion. So what do we know that constantly alters and enhances emotions? The music, of course.

Good songwriting can be a game-changer.

There is a workaround

Why do you need to improve writing productivity? Are you starting to write and work daily? Or do you have urgent tasks to write during the weekend?

This question is important because music will only add a marginal benefit to your writing speed. Don’t expect to double or triple your production just because of a few nice background tunes.

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But in case you still have the time and the will to do your own thing, let’s take a look at some great playlists:

1. morning rhythm

The best states are those in which you have been relaxed. This playlist captures the constant, clear energy that many people have in the morning. It’s totally different from the passionate, bohemian energy that the night brings.

Mornings are crisp, bright and filled with the potential of a new day. That’s what Morning Rhythm is trying to capture. Listeners will be able to enjoy soul, funk and jazz.

Tracks will never fade away, no matter how intense your workflow. However, they won’t distract you either. They’re pleasant enough to be noticed, yet smooth enough to be integrated into your experience.

2. Shoegaze Classics

You only notice the limits of language when you try to describe something like emotions and feelings. Dreams, thoughts and many sensations are like smoke. They fill the room, but they are ethereal at the same time. Your hand slips through if you try to grab them, but they’re still there.

Shoegaze Classics is a playlist full of music to listen to while writing. The tracks capture that dull, bittersweet feeling that is often associated with spiritual enlightenment. Initially, the genre was called “Dream Pop” because it uses ethereal-sounding notes and patterns.

Lots of distortion is incorporated into the tracks, and you can hear it in vocals and instruments.

3. Cold + Atmospheric

There is a stereotype when it comes to artists. The stereotype is that there must be something a little “off” about you. Reality often reflects this truth.

Have you ever noticed that very few bright people have sunny dispositions? Sure, they exist, but more and more artists are getting much more inspiration from other places.

Grief, struggle, loneliness, longing, and melancholy often fuel inspiration far more than bright, sunny optimism. There is something about adversity and melancholy that bares the human soul and forces sincerity from usually dishonest creatures.

For this reason, this playlist is my favorite. I’m one of those people who can write an entire novel just because it’s a rainy day. I tap into a different state at night or when it rains.

The tracks featured here capture the feel perfectly.

4. music without words

Much like the ability to carry a tune, multitasking is a skill not everyone is lucky enough to receive at birth. Some can pay attention to 3 or 4 things simultaneously, while others have a paralyzing inability to focus on one thing at a time.

Unfortunately, I fall into the latter category. The slightest outside influence can ruin my concentration and I can’t even drive with loud music.

I am unable to listen to pop songs or tunes with lyrics while writing because it will be impossible for me to think clearly. It’s just too distracting.

When I work, I need music to set the mood and serve as a backdrop. Paradoxically, I also find the dead silence distracting, hearing my laptop cooler and every keystroke.

A comfortable middle ground is relaxing music without words. It’s not a specific playlist, because there are thousands of them. Most people enjoy Lo-fi hip-hop beats, while others enjoy quiet jazz or even the sound of raindrops.

5. Minimalism

If you ever watched a movie about ancient forms of warfare, you would see that every battlefield had drummers. Also, there are songs in almost every physical profession. Why is that?

Well, when tens/hundreds/thousands of people move around, they tend to get out of sync. This is why the military trains you endlessly until even your footsteps can synchronize with your companions.

An inexpensive way to do this is with music. In addition to stimulating emotion and concentration, music is excellent for following the rhythm. Therefore, I have included this playlist.

He has simple, repetitive and rhythmic compositions. It fuels productivity because it sets a subconscious tone for your writing.


Fun fact, there are rooms whose walls are designed to capture all sounds. And, complete and absolute silence seems to be very disturbing and can potentially cause psychological damage during long exposure.

It is obvious that we need background noise, especially during work. Music is great for a number of reasons: it puts you in the “zone,” boosts productivity, and sets a pace.

Some people may just write with their club or gym’s playlist in the background. Still, for those of us who are a little more easily distracted, other, gentler alternatives exist.


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