Guitar Hero-inspired rhythm game reveals 700-song setlist


Custom Songs Central unveils massive collaboration to bring over sixty hours of new music to Clone Hero, a Guitar Hero-inspired rhythm game.

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Update 12/13: A previous version of this article stated that Clone Hero was adding six hours of music. The correct number is sixty hours of new music. Game Rant apologizes for the mistake.

Even with a massive amount of community-created graphics to clear, Clone hero the charts are still going strong with major releases for the actively developed rhythm game. Carpal Tunnel Hero 3’s massive collaborative release adds over 700 songs to the mix.

Clone hero is a free indie project designed to faithfully reproduce the gameplay of the Guitar hero series. While Clone hero may not be the first, his recent surge in popularity could be attributed to streamers who picked him to play custom song charts, as well as a long hiatus from the official series.


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The Custom Songs Central team worked on Clone hero charts for several years, and the experience is seen through the harsh but fair songs of Carpal Tunnel Hero 3, a new setlist containing over sixty hours of music. More than fifty community charters have contributed to the pack, offering a wide variety of styles, difficulties and musical genres. Music from a 1952 piano piece to guitar solo mashups by Gran Turismo the soundtracks are assigned slots in the pack, so playing through it all will provide a variety of musical experiences to play.

Of course, with a name like Carpal Tunnel Hero, players face a monumental challenge. Custom Clone hero the charts often get harder than even the official songs of Guitar hero games and the level of experience of the Custom Songs Central teams ensure that every painting will be tough but fair. Clone heroThe training modes of can be useful, but getting a full combo on any of them would be an impressive feat.

Clone hero is well known for its massive amount of custom songs, especially with fan-made graphics making programs like Moonscraper, making it easy for anyone to create custom graphics. It is also a very easy to use game, as it works seamlessly with the Guitar hero and Rock band guitar peripherals. An update currently in public beta will add even more opportunities for song mapping, as it supports drum controllers and specialized drum maps to accommodate different styles of play. Lots of graphics are already out there. available for preview releases, and the developers are actively working to resolve the remaining issues to implement battery support in stable releases.

Carpal Tunnel Hero is sure to keep seasoned gamers busy for a while, adding to the already massive amount of graphics available for the game. Clone hero community. While 2021 has been a great year for rhythm games with continued development on Rhythm Doctor and Unbeatable, the unique device-based gameplay of Guitar hero certainly still has its fans. Fortunately, the community continues to thrive thanks to Clone hero, which can only be a good thing.

Clone hero is available now on PC.

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