GUN JAM is the hybrid FPS music rhythm game you never knew you wanted


I had Tenacious D’s Wonderboy stuck in my head last week, and it’s currently driving me crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I love the song, but if my damn brain makes me randomly think about escaping the dirty mud one more time and slicing off the hydra’s scrotum, I’m going to go crazy. What’s the point of all this? If ever there was a song that would make for a good beat-based rampage, it would be this track and its insanely good lute solos.

And on this sequel, let me show you GUN JAM! The idea is simple: you, a level full of cannon fodder and a pace with which to pump lead into the unlucky goons currently invading you.

Gun Jam (11)
Gun Jam (2)
Gun Jam (3)
Gun Jam (4)
Gun Jam (5)
Gun jam (6)
Gun Jam (7)
Gun jam (8)
Gun Jam (9)
Gun Jam (10)

GUN JAM is an innovative and fast-paced first-person shooter where the player must shoot in rhythm to survive. It features an original core mechanic and choreographed firefights to the soundtrack in a dynamic world. Get ready to annihilate enemies while exploding to the beat.

Here’s the truly amazing part of this package: According to GUN JAM game designer Dan Da Rocha, the whole idea went from an idea to a real project in just a few days. What started with an idea that was featured in a tweet on Saturday clearly resonated with fans, as the response to GUN JAM was extremely thirsty for its unique blend of gun-fu and Guitar Hero bullet chords:

There’s no release date for GUN JAM yet, but the idea is there, a fandom already exists, and people are ready to splash the cash for a game that will see their way through it. the crowds while going to John Woo. untss untss untss.

Last update: April 30, 2020


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