Here are 10 of the best Quentin Tarantino movie characters, ranked


A director whose point of view is based almost entirely on his historical perception of art as it weaves generations of influence, Quentin Tarantino is not only one of America’s great visual stylists, but also an incredible writer of characters and dialogue. Its words have a specific rhythm and the characters exist in a particular meta-verse of cinema where each tick is a critique or a conversation with the genre. Tarantino has given us decades of memorable moments, names and characters. Attracting some of the biggest stars to collaborate like Brad Pitt and Leonard DiCaprio, the vulgar authorism and control brash nature of his directing style did not scare the talent but did welcome it. Iconic speeches by pulp Fiction at the double crosses to the soft voice of Jackie brown and the dervishes free from Once upon a time in hollywood-Tarantino is very much in his own league.

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ten Stuntman Mike in Death Proof

Stuntman Mike is Tarantino’s every B-movie fetish vessel: the psychopathic stuntman, humbly obsessed with feet but who has an affinity for danger and death through high-speed car chase. Proof of death has seen Tarantino indulge in all of his humble cinematic obsessions but, more than that, create one of his iconic characters while working with an actor who continues to end up in his cast. Stuntman Mike is as sadistic as they come and stands out thanks to Kurt Russell’s breakthrough performance.

9 Shoshanna Dreyfus in Inglorious Basterds

45 (495)

A character written with humanity and passion, Shosanna Dreyfus’ adventure of revenge intertwined with the destruction of the Third Reich is the driving force behind an unforgettable climax in Tarantino’s masterpiece Inglorious Basterds. It is Dreyfus, passionate about cinema and theater director, who has the most at stake, because she manages to hide her identity from the Nazis who massacred her family. Thus, to give his character the most reasons to die and to fight.

8 Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs

03 (848)

Such a daring, impetuous and violent start, that it would immediately solidify Tarantino’s brand. Mr. Pink steals the show as a sleazy, fast-paced criminal in a movie filled with Hall of Fame bastard performances. From the opening scene debating the nature of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin”. refusing to tip the waitress on the principal, Steve Buscemi is a one-of-a-kind criminal in Tank dogs.

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seven Nicky & Mallory in Natural Born Killers

21 (749)

One of three original scripts that Tarantino wrote but didn’t direct, Born killers was Tarantino’s violent odyssey through the American Midwest. Create a cute badass serial killer who could both scare and challenge your expectations for the film’s main protagonists, but at the same time have a love that will keep you invested. Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis fit the punk rock and dangerous energy of the movies perfectly.

6 Free Django in Django Unchained18 (320)

In Tarantino’s polished filmography, weaving long and epic tales of revenge while doing some revisionist history has been a recurring goal of the author. Django unchained targets one of the darkest parts of American history while creating a tale of heroism. Jamie Foxx is perfect as a slave taken from his wife but given a new chance for revenge by a bounty hunter. Django transforms into a badass bounty hunter who brings justice to slave owners and criminals while finding a way to free his wife from evil Calvin Candie.

5 Rick Dalton in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Once_Upon_a_Time_in_Hollywood_035

One of the greatest main performances of any Tarantino movie, Leonardo DiCaprio was perfect in his sensitive yet hilarious portrayal of declining movie star Rick Dalton. No time is better to talk about this nature of Dalton than his epic collapse in the trailer when he forgets one of his lines. One moment, partly improvised by DiCaprio, the actor is in full swing as his redemption begins to draw near Once upon a time in hollywood.

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4 Jules Winfield in Pulp Fiction64 (623)

A hitman whose epic monologue in pulp Fiction will be remembered and imitated for years, Jules Winfield is a tough guy. Samuel L. Jackson teamed up with John Travolta, discussing international affairs like the status of the Big Mac in European countries, were just a few signifiers that the character was unique to the detective genre. But, his faith and belief in divine intervention makes the character’s arc all the more compelling when it comes to his agenda, which is a murder that turns into an absolute resolve. He and his companion Vincent take different paths at the end, but it’s Jules who finds the right way to walk.

3 Jackie Brown in Jackie Brown37 (529)

In part, a revitalization of former blaxploitation star Pam Grier and the slow-burning plot, the quick-witted dialogue machine that Elmore Leonard’s novels use, Quentin’s follow-up to pulp Fiction was an exercise in subtlety. While he doesn’t own the fantasy orgy of violence like most of his films, Grier was the perfect counter with easy-going freshness and power. Jackie brown. Using his criminal intelligence to overtake criminals and fight his way while everyone else is watching, Grier steals the show from a stacked cast while making it out alive with a briefcase full of cash.

2 Hans Landa in Inglorious Basterds

53 (473)

A character written with ticks so specific that it has become almost impossible to cast, so much so, Inglorious Basterds might never have happened without Christoph Waltz. The German actor came to the rescue for his fluency in German, English, Italian and Dutch. Lighting up the screen as an enigmatic but relentless Nazi colonel. Waltz’s performance is deliciously devilish because you hate how much you love watching him in action. Waltz wowed audiences and critics alike, leading him to the Golden Oscar in his first American film.

1 The bride in Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 57 (509)

Tarantino has had a knack for writing female-led revenge stories throughout his career. But none had the time and space to kick things like Uma Thurman did in The Kill bill movie theater. As she retreats from the depths of death and wakes up from a coma after being shot by her eponymous gang leader, “Bill,” The Bride embarks on a redemptive killing spree to right the wrongs of those who live there. ‘left behind. Thurman brings beauty, grace and strength to the screen as she wiggles her big toe toward victory.

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