Hit Rhythm Game Audiosurf gets its first update in five years


Are you ready to party like it’s 2008? Let’s hope so, because the popular hit Steam Audiosurf has received its first patch in over five years.

The main improvements are twofold, according to developer Dylan Fitterer, with improved widescreen scaling that makes gaming much better on ultrawide monitors. The track will also fire more often now, to emphasize the highlights of individual songs.

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Audiosurf emerged in the late 1980s as one of the first rhythm games to use adaptive technology to play whatever music the player chooses. A sequel, Audiosurf 2, followed in 2015. Many gamers lobbied for the sequel to introduce support for music services such as Spotify, but there are currently no plans for them to be implemented.

In our review, Aaron Thomas called Audiosurf simple, yet thrilling. “Audiosurf is a great game that gives you a whole new way to enjoy your music,” he wrote. “Granted, Audiosurf has some technical issues and the lack of alternative game modes is disappointing, but few other rhythm/music games can offer so much entertainment for such a low price.”

Over the years, Audiosurf has inspired a host of similar PC rhythm games, such as Spin Rhythm, which combines similar “tracks” with DJ-style scratching.

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