How much would a theatrical film have made?


hamilton caused a sensation on Broadway, and the historic musical also has the potential to be a blockbuster movie, but it’s unclear just how much a theatrical release would fetch at the box office. Directed and composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, hamilton is a musical centered on one of the founding fathers of the United States: Alexander Hamilton. His story is told through a mix of song and rap. A video recording of hamiltonThe stage production of came out and did very well on the Disney+ streaming service in 2020.


Lin-Manuel Miranda has spent more than seven years composing hamiltonand the 46 songs it contains, and the show received 11 awards at the 70th Tony Awards in 2016, including Best Musical. hamilton originally opened Off-Broadway in 2015, with Miranda in the lead role, and in addition to selling for several months, the musical received mostly positive reviews. hamiltonThe initial success of onstage led it to tours of Broadway, the West End and the United States before the Broadway version was captured for the popular Disney+ release.

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Based on hamiltonAs a stage production, a film adaptation of the musical would likely also be well received by audiences. Despite a string of recent disappointing box office musical film releases, hamilton is a well-established property loved by a large fan base, giving the series an edge that other adaptations might not have had. However, there is a chance that hamilton did so well, even on Disney+, simply because it remains a stage spectacle, its format primarily intended, and a theatrical film version might not be able to match the success of the original production.

How much money Hamilton won

hamilton would rank as the sixth-highest-grossing Broadway musical of all time, based on its combined revenue from both the New York stage version and its touring performances (via Forbes). This puts the show behind, in order, The Lion King, Nasty, The Phantom of the Opera, Mama Mia!and The Book of Mormon. All but two of these musicals have already resulted in film adaptations, with another hitting the big screen soon enough (the Nasty film, which will be divided into two parts, will be released in 2024 and 2025). From 2020, hamilton reportedly earned $817 million from Broadway and touring shows — the latest total from Broadway performances alone is $765 million (via Broadway world) – but adding merchandise, soundtrack albums and the all-important Disney+ streaming rights (which were sold for $75 million), hamilton easily crossed the billion dollar mark.

Movie musicals can be hit and miss at the box office

Movie musicals can be hit and miss, and a recent string of box office flops in 2021 only proves the risk. West Side Story, In the heights, and Tick, tick…BOOM! all received positive reviews from critics but did not perform well upon their theatrical release, each falling short of projected earnings (note: Tick, tick… Boom!being a Netflix movie, had a very limited release on the big screen). Dear Evan Hansengiven its mixed reviews, was the biggest disappointment for the genre all around.

There is some defense for the 2021 box office results since theaters were still struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many films at the time, including In the heights, even released on streaming services on the same days as their theatrical release. However, other productions have still managed to top box office forecasts in 2021, and musical films have performed well in the past. In 2017, The greatest showman had a slow opening weekend but ended up grossing $174 million domestically, a huge hit compared to the low double-digit grossing of 2021’s movie music releases.

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A Hamilton movie would be a big hit – would it break $1 billion?

A hamilton The film would certainly be a hit, as its worldwide fame and strong fan base would ensure that audiences would flock to theaters. hamiltonThe soundtrack shatters the stereotypes of musicals by featuring a mix of rap numbers and traditionally sung pieces, all inspired by hip-hop, rhythm and blues and soul styles. Music is already hugely popular, and that would only encourage people to watch a hamilton film.

Whether hamilton would break $1 billion at the box office is another matter. Audiences are now accustomed to watching movies on streaming services soon after, if not on the same day, their theatrical release date. Even though it would be a different version of the story, hamilton already available to stream on Disney+ could give audiences less incentive to see a film adaptation in theaters. However, some blockbuster films have still recently grossed over a billion dollars worldwide and, as Top Gun: Maverickcontinue to dominate the box office several months after their release. hamiltonbeing the global phenomenon that it is, might have the backing to see its film adaptation smash $1 billion at the worldwide box office.

Will a film adaptation of Hamilton ever happen?

Currently, there are no plans in place for a hamilton movie, but that doesn’t mean the adaptation is out of the picture forever. After Lin-Manuel Miranda’s stage performance In the heights was made into a movie, questions have been raised as to whether hamilton would get the same treatment. His involvement in the production of In the heights movie is an encouraging sign that he’s ready to adapt his own Broadway musicals for the big screen.

Despite the disappointing box office of In the heightsLin-Manuel Miranda Has Been Successful With Musicals, And He Remains Positive In Response To Adaptation Requests hamilton in a movie, though he hints that might not be happening anytime soon. Comparing hamilton at In the heightshe said they were able to do the latter adaptation”with a good distance from the original thing and that he has “not far from Hamilton” (Going through digital spy). hamilton continues to enjoy great success as a stage production, and Miranda is still heavily involved in it.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda says his involvement with the show doesn’t stop a hamilton movie to happen, just that”it would take a real director with a vision to do something that would set it apart from stage production.” Miranda is open to a future film based on the series but needs the right tone so that the separation between hamilton the staging and hamilton the movie is clear. This means that, while it’s not happening anytime soon, the public can remain hopeful that a hamilton film adaptation is always possible.


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