Independent song Poonjakannazhagi recorded with the Macedonian Symphony Orchestra | Tamil movie news


With music videos becoming a trend these days, the creators of such projects are starting to think of ways to differentiate their work. Recently, the team behind the song Poonjakannazhagi, composed by Biju Sam, who worked with K, recorded the number with a 30-string section of the Macedonian Symphony Orchestra of London.

Explaining why they opted for a foreign orchestra, Karthik Srinivasan, who is part of the team that produced the song, tells us: “Biju Sam came up with a song entirely based on strings, without a rhythm section. When we thought about how to improve the song, rather than bringing in a famous singer, we figured we could record the strings section live with a professional orchestra. After discussing the options, we decided to approach the Macedonian Symphony Orchestra in London, which is very popular. They also acted for Tamil movies, and we had heard that they worked pretty fast. So we decided to approach them and create a song with great sound.

The team virtually supervised the entire recording. “There are two ways to do it these days. One is via Skype, which is normal. The other is done via an HD streaming installation in Zoom. When you listen to the audio during an ordinary video call, you cannot judge its quality because the audio will be compressed and streamed live. But with the second option you get the audio as a separate stream and you can listen to the finer aspects of the recording and suggest edits if needed, ”says Karthik.

The orchestra gave them three options for each musical measure, he informs. “Despite this, they were able to complete the recording of the entire string part in 45 minutes,” he says.

Super Singer fame Adithya and Reshma performed this number, which has lyrics by Damayanthi. The team, which released a lyric video, are now planning to shoot a video for the song with popular artists. “We think it’s important to leave some space for the audio. Once you have a song with visuals, people usually start to accept it based on the video. We believe that the musicality of the song will reach the listeners better when they are only listening to the audio. Even with our previous song, Kannamma Eannamma, we first released the audio and lyrics, and made a video after breaking through 1 million streams on audio streaming platforms. What it does is that when you fire up the video it instantly gets amazing views because people got to know the song and want to see how the video is, ”says Karthik.


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