Inside the musical taste of animals, from parrots who love Abba to dogs who love reggae


Do you have a parrot that needs sprucing up? Well, he’ll thank you for the music if you play it from the Abba.

And cat owners should treat their pets to classical music, including Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata or Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, both of which are soothing to their sensitive feline ears.


Abba is the most popular band for screaming parrots

On the other hand, dogs don’t really like Bob Marley’s reggae or UB40’s Red Red Wine.

Pet behaviorist Caroline Spencer, of pet food company, said: ‘Concert pianist Lisa Spector was the first to bring music to pets more than a year ago. 19 years old and looking for the best options.

“Composers like Beethoven, Mozart and Bach could do wonders to relax them.

“Studies have also shown that reggae is a staple for dogs, with its beat mimicking a calm, steady heartbeat.”

Jim Hunton, parrot and cockatoo expert, said: “Parrots love upbeat pop music like Abba.

“They’ll even dance to their favorite songs.

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“But cockatoos are a breed apart – they like hard hitting songs, so a lot of them like heavy metal music.”

Rabbit behavior specialist and bonding expert Julie Percival said many rabbits like soothing ballads with vocals in the lower octaves, played quietly.

She said: “Rabbits have sensitive hearing so they don’t like high notes – we’ve found they don’t like Queen, for example.

“They like ballads with lower, deeper tones, like Adele’s.”

But much to the dismay of Tom Jones fans, What’s New Pussycat? with its jerky beats, and Elvis’ greatest hits are a no-no for many pets.

Caroline said: “Unfortunately the many different instruments, the repetition of rhythms and jerky chords will do nothing to relax your pet.

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“And cats and dogs are on the same page about rock ‘n’ roll.

“Elvis’s Hound Dog does nothing for either species.”

Dogs love Bob Marley, rabbits love Adele and cats love classical artists like Mozart


Dogs love Bob Marley, rabbits love Adele and cats love classical artists like Mozart

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