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Beatstar is a mobile game with a very simple and fun proposition: to play great international musical hits. In the application stores there are several games of this kind, for the player to press with his fingers on the buttons that go down on the screen; all very inspired by the acclaimed and nostalgic franchise Guitar Hero.

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There are many songs in the catalog of Beatstar which will delight fans of pop, rock, hip-hop and electro. The setlist features classic names like Bon Jovi, Smashing Pumpkins, Rammstein, Soulja Boy, hits from the 2000s like Blink-90, Fall Out Boy, LMFAO, MGMT and more current artists like Lady Gaga, Doja Cat, Billie Eilish , The Weeknd, Sam Smith and many more.

How it works

The player must press the buttons in the correct order to reach the end of the music. Clicking once, holding, pressing two buttons at the same time, and swiping are commands that will be needed in every song. However, with so many possibilities, making mistakes is not an option. Each late click or click on the wrong box causes you to lose all your progress and you have to start over.

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Like many arcade games, you can get an extra chance by spending game points. Beatstar, we have the gems, which can be earned by advancing in the game, received in daily prizes and / or purchased in the microtransaction system, for values ​​between R $ 4,149 (52 gems) and R $ 660.90 ( 7,238 yellow). With such punitive mechanics, the track invites you to spend the diamonds often, so you don’t have to start the song over again.

Screen when you make a mistake (Image: Screenshot / Guilherme Sommadossi / Canaltech)

The clearest function of the game is to press buttons according to the beat, but what does that follow? contrary to Guitar Hero,

    which was based on guitar riffs and chords, this game oscillates between the accompaniment of the artist’s voice, electronic beats and basslines (bass). Whatever the musical genre, the game will oscillate between each sound to keep the player attentive and try to make him miss.
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    How to unlock more songs

    The progression of the game itself will release more and more hits, of various musical styles. Going from level 1 to 11, new songs, and with higher difficulties, are unlocked. Additionally, there are Theme Boxes, which can be purchased for 149 gems or exchanged for tokens earned throughout the game.

    (Image: Screenshot / Guilherme Sommadossi / Canaltech)

    However, these received boxes are a gift from the Greek. They take minutes or hours to open and you can only have three at a time. Once you have the maximum and wait for one of them to open, the game will not let you play until the time runs out. They can be opened with the gems, but it’s not something that’s worth that much.

    (Image: Screenshot / Screenshot)

    Tips for advancing the game

    Besides song points which help in progression, Beatstar also has a score between players – if you login with your Facebook, you can see your friends’ scores. Naturally, this adds a bit of competitiveness to the experience.

    To do well in the game, it is important to follow a few steps. The first is whether you have more agility with your thumbs or index fingers, and how they fit into your cell phone. After that, see if it is worth playing by holding the device with both hands and squeezing it with your thumbs or putting the device on the table and clicking with the “hole punch”.

    The second tip is to start with songs that you like and have more affinities. This will help you get used to the game and also motivate you to get the most points from the same song.


    (Image: Screenshot / Guilherme Sommadossi / Canaltech)

    Practice a lot, but vary the songs. Hearing the same beat over and over and missing the buttons can lead to further frustration. So practicing the same song twice and then switching is a more relaxed way to do it.

    The fourth tip is to contain the emotion and not spend so many gems so as not to lose the progress – the songs are not available in full, so they are not that long. As the game progresses the songs get harder and require more action, so save the items for when you are almost at the end of this twisty electronics.


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