It’s worth it | ‘Loud’ is an arcade rhythm game with pop-punk tunes coming next month, Playstation, Xbox and PC later


Strong is a girl’s journey to her dreams of rock stardom told through an arcade music game that’s simple to pick up and so satisfying you’ll never want to put it down. Astrid, a reclusive aspiring musician, didn’t even dare to follow her dreams. But there’s something magical about picking up a real guitar for the first time. Even a shy and quiet girl can find her voice and discover that she is Strongif the rock gods decide it’s meant for the stage!

So she dives headfirst into the world of guitar and pop-punk.

14 custom-written songs make up the 14 chapters of Astrid’s story as she goes from playing guitar in her basement to hopefully signing her first contract with a talent scout. Master songs and improve your timing to unlock additional cosmetic upgrades such as outfits, guitars, and locations.

Main characteristics:

  • 12 different levels, each with an original song (+ tutorial track and bonus track!)
  • Simple arcade controls provide a satisfying and challenging gaming experience
  • Three classic difficulty levels plus one extreme difficulty to unlock
  • Outfits, guitars and locations change as your journey to rock stardom progresses
  • Makes you feel like a rock star when you land that perfect solo!

Strong is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 15, 2022, followed by PC (Steam), PlayStation and Xbox at later dates.

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