J Balvin responds to criticism after winning Afro Latino award amid music video controversy


J. Balvin reacted to the criticism he received after receiving the Afro-Latino Artist of the Year at the African Entertainment Awards USA this weekend, just months after his clip was called “racist and sexist” for having depicted black women.

The 36-year-old Colombian musician has faced a lot of controversy over his recognition on social media due to his non-Afro-Latino heritage. So he took to Instagram on Monday to clarify his ethnicity. He wrote in Spanish to his 50.8 million followers according to the Daily Mail: “I am not Afro Latino. But thank you for giving me a place in the contribution of music and the Afrobeat movement.” Meanwhile, several Twitter users were bowled over by the recognition, as one wrote: “j balvin, a white latino, shouldn’t have accepted this award compared to real afro-latin artists “.

Another added: “J. Balvin won an award on blackness using black Caribbean music, dialect, rhythms and wardrobe. Whereas real Black Folx who have higher streaming numbers, better lyricism, better everything and are actually lost BLACKS. The awards organization quickly responded to criticism by renaming the Latin Artist of the Year category. according to ET Canada, writes: “After listening to the concerns of the fans and the recommendations of the public. We have decided to maintain the objective of the award but to change the name of the category. We appreciate your contribution. We look forward to continuing to open a dialogue about their future. Thank you #aeausa #oneafrica. “

During this time, Balvin has faced plenty of backlash in recent months, including an apology on social media in October after her music video for Perra featuring Tokischa was called “racist and sexist” because of its portrayal of black women.

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