Jeff Pilson Confirms Foreigner Is Working On New Music


Foreign bassist Jeff Pilson reported that the band recently recorded new music with Kelly Hansen, the band’s vocalist since 2005.

In a new interview, Pilson, a former student of Dokken and Dio – who joined Foreigner the same year as Hansen – said WPDH‘s Tigman that while Mick Jones’ band had an impressive legacy, they didn’t want to live off of it alone.

“Kelly actually just did lead vocals on a new song on our last break,” he said. “So yes, there will be something coming out.” He admitted he couldn’t give any details for the usual reasons, adding, “but yeah, there’s new music on the chopping block and that’s good.”

The bassist went on to praise Hansen’s addition to the lineup and his performance contributions over the past 17 years. “There is absolutely no doubt about it – there is no one, absolutely no one else [who should be Foreigner’s singer]”, Pilson said. “He’s proven himself so many times over.

Reflecting on his own overseas tenure, Pilson called his role a “dream gig”. “What an amazing band, all the musicians and singers, everyone is awesome. We love each other personally. And we have these amazing songs to play every night,” he explained. “If you’re going to do this at this point in your career, it has to feel good and it has to feel family. And it is. And that’s why I’m doing it.

Band leader Jones is unable to always appear with the band due to long-standing health issues. But Pilson reported, “He’s actually in pretty good health right now. He will be at shows. It’s sporadic… but he’s doing very well.

Foreigners are currently North America tourwith more distant dates in a calendar that runs until November 20.

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