JUANES releases highly anticipated new single and video



One of Latin music’s finest songwriters crafts the story of the pandemic’s secret lovers’ separation – over a uniquely seductive musical fusion of Colombian Cumbia, electro rock/funk beats and classic guitar riffs and solos. pulled straight from the early days of rock n roll.

As the advanced lead single from Juanes’ highly anticipated new 2023 album, FORBIDDEN LOVERS” represents the beginning of a new creative cycle of original material from the 27 time GRAMMY & LATIN GRAMMY winner.

Today Colombian rock superstar JUANES releases his new single and video “FORBIDDEN LOVERS”– marking the first listen fans will have in the new musical growth started by the world-renowned artist following his recent GRAMMY & LATIN GRAMMY win ORIGIN album and world tour.

“The idea for the song came from an article I read during the pandemic about the difficulty of maintaining private relationships, those that could not be known to the world, because of the challenges of seeing the other musically, if you take the beat out of the song, it’s actually cumbia, a type of Colombian folk music, but then when you pick up the rest of the production and loop, it picks up a sound and a vibe a bit like Andre 3000 and ‘Hey Ya’ – then I added lead guitar in the style of Chuck Berry for more of a classic rock n roll vibe It goes with the poetic lyrics of that person you meet ‘In The Dark’ when no one else can see. Juanes

This new creative cycle combines a continued return to electric guitar rock with a deep dive into his own long-praised skill as a fiery songwriter (recently inducted into The Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame) – who has focused inward during the pandemic to re-examine life, love, family and more his own emotional complexities and imagination.

The resulting two years of writing and recording have left both the artist and his close collaborating producer (and fellow multiple Grammy winner) Sebastian Krys filled with excitement to soon share this creativity to a new level as a full album release in early 2023, (marking Juanes’ first all-original album since 2019″Más Futuro Que Pasado”).

“I believe Juanes has reconnected with his fearless and innovative songwriting that defined him early in his career. This song sounds 100% Juanes and at the same time is unlike anything he’s done before. Juanes has always been an innovator. Writing during the pandemic made him connect with his daily life. His children, his wife, his music, his fears and his passions. It’s obvious to me that he tapped into another level of musical exploration and curiosity that only a handful of artists ever achieve. – Sebastien Krys

Today’s new song release also sees the premiere of a new music video (directed by José Emilio Sagaró) which once again sees Juanes eschewing the frequent Latin music video formula in favor of instilling artful imagery. more modern visual, while remaining intercut with footage of live musicality and the intimate and passionate story of this song.

“The concept of the video is abstract. The goal was to create a moving work of art. I wanted to give the audience a different look at Juanes. The bed represents what is personal and intimate, the eye represents your consciousness. We wanted to show the thrill of forbidden love, but in a conceptual way, portray how your consciousness is still “aware” and “watching”. In the darker scenes we wanted to represent being alone with your thoughts where you can find the wisdom and serenity that is represented by the owl. At the climax of the video, the moving lights were our way of showing the euphoria of the chase between lovers. We were honored to work with Juanes and loved creating this music video. »- Jose Emilio Sagaro


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