Katy Perry returns to the future – The Hollywood Reporter


Katy Perry opened the doors to her space-age theme park in the video for her latest single, “Chained to the Rhythm.”

Wear a Judy Worthy of Jetson Metallic white dress and hot pink hair, Perry walks through the doors of the happiest place on Earth, where cotton candy is served in portions the size of giant umbrellas.

The video was directed by Mathew Cullen (Jay Z, Taylor Swift) and shot at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California in January. In it, as with his Grammy performance of the song, Perry drops a number of not-so-subtle clues about his feelings about the current political climate in the nation. The first taste is a merry-go-round called “The Great American Dream Drop”, in which a loving couple snuggle up in a small house that swings in the air and then plunges violently towards the ground.

The big white fence of her Grammy the performance makes an appearance (with the words “welcome home” painted on it in blue), as a park visitor is catapulted into it. The dystopian park also has other not-so-fun attractions as flaming glasses of blue “Inferno H2OA tainted liquid that causes customers to breathe fire and an impossible-to-follow hamster wheel attraction.

Towards the end, Perry is drawn into a giant dance number after Skip Marley jumps out of a 3D movie to rap his cameo, which leads to the foreground: his worried face staring at the camera in a waking moment filled with fear .

This article originally appeared on Billboard.com.


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