Katy Perry Wins ‘Dark Horse’ Copyright Lawsuit Appeal


Katy Perry won another decisive victory in court.

The 37 year old man Prism The pop star has been battling litigation over her 2013 hit “Dark Horse” for years, and a federal appeals court just handed down a ruling on Thursday (March 10).

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If you don’t remember, a rapper named Marcus Gray sued her in 2014, accusing her of ripping off her song “Joyful Noise.” Jurors then returned the verdict to her initially, but a judge overturned that decision in 2020, saying the beat she allegedly copied was too simple for copyright protection.

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upheld the decision in a 3-0 vote, via Billboardrefusing to reinstate the $2.8 million copyright infringement verdict because the two songs only share basic musical “building blocks”.

“The part of the Joyful Noise ostinato that overlaps with the Dark Horse ostinato consists of a demonstrably conventional arrangement of musical building blocks,” the appeals court wrote.

“Allowing a copyright on this material would essentially allow an inappropriate monopoly on the two-note pitch sequences or even the minor scale itself.”

Unless the case goes to the U.S. Supreme Court, the ruling ends years of litigation over “Dark Horse.” Find the complete file on Billboard.com.

Katy Perry also recently revealed that everyone sang one of their hit songs wrong.


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