‘La llama del amor’: Omar Montes impresses with his flamenco art with Jairo Deremache


In “La llama del amor”, the Spanish urban singer Omar Montes once again demonstrates his immense talent. Although he became famous after his participation in the television show Mujer men and vice versa and his relationship with Isa Pantoja (daughter of popular singer Isabel Pantoja), his latest song exudes rhythm and is certified fresh. The single is a collaboration with Jairo Deremache, who brings his strong voice to the love song.

The accompanying music video is fire, palm trees and the pure art of flamenco. In the middle of a wedding party, a child dances on the table to the rhythm of the guitars and drums of a happy family. In an alley, Omar and Jairo Deremache sing the song in the heat of a bonfire. Additionally, shots of an attractive woman dancing in a nightclub, illuminated by intense colored lights, are altered.

This is a high-profile music video production directed by Guillermo Mendo, promoting the flamenco hype that is spreading among traditional music in Spanish. The video features a sequence: from the beginning of a love story to a wedding reception. The song is divided into two sections, which aim to heighten the emotion of each part of the story.

Mendo wanted to depict the couple’s first kiss, their motorcycle rides, and their family’s joy when they get married. The polished cinematography is accompanied by spectacular dance choreographies, also based on the roots of flamenco. To top it off, the video also includes a cameo of Farruquito and his son.

With this flame of love, Montes managed to expand his range of musical genres. Currently he is recognized as one of the most innovative and successful urban artists in Spain. Beyond the flamenco he displays in his latest single, he is a great master of rhythms such as afro, trap, hip-hop, EDM and reggae. There are even those who classify him as the promoter of “urban flamenco”.

Its popularity spread to Europe and Latin America, following the success of early songs like “Conmigo”, “Fuego” and “Pantera”. With the release of his first album La vida martir (2019), he experienced a boom in popularity, which coincided with his victory in the television show, survivors.

Several of his songs went straight into the international top 50, which also earned him gold and platinum records. In 2020 he put four songs in the Top 50. Montes also ended 2021 as the most listened to Spanish artist on digital platforms.

It’s a huge hit, considering Montes started recording songs at home for family events. He has also collaborated with artists like Camela on “Vete”, JC El Diamante on “Beba qué quieres que haga” and Duki on “Carita Morena”.


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