Licorice Pizza: Movie Review


Licorice Pizzanew movie Paul Thomas Anderson It’s a delicate love story that fascinates audiences of all ages. A confident and determined teenager pursues an older woman who is a photographer’s assistant in America. the seventies. Between colorful clothes, vinyl records and junk food eaten in the car, the two meet and collide as their relationship becomes increasingly complicit.

Cooper Hoffmanson Philip Seymour Hoffman, is Gary, a brave boy with a baby girl who is coming to an end. He must try to start a new business and start selling waterbeds. Anderson said he was partially inspired by the child actor Gary Goetzmanngrew up and became Tom Hanks’ producing partner.

Alana Haim She plays a young woman with that unconventional beauty of Barbra Streisand Who likes to court until pleasure gives way to feelings. The two protagonists enter the screen for their nature, but we also find them in the casting Sean Ben In a strange and eccentric interval bradley cooper which looks like a cross between Charles Manson and manager die hardAnd the Hart Buchnerin the shoes of a hairdresser turned producer, John Peters.

Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza It is a relaxing and nostalgic journey between reality and hallucinations that leads the viewer to live an experience love Romantic and platonic like a daydream. The accidental touching of hands and legs, the immature and genuine jealousy, the complicit and provocative glances, the experiences lived together which create a close and innocent bond.

The strange couple who remembers Harold And the love The film stays at the center of the story and remains believable from start to finish, making the movie both hypnotic and down-to-earth. Licorice Pizza It feels like a montage of the director’s personal memories in an intentional causal arrangement, as if we’re seeing bits and pieces of experiences he’s had in the past through moment-to-moment suggestions and emotions, in mind and body. heart.

To the compelling notes of the soundtrack, living characters are identified in the nostalgic and alluring image of California’s San Fernando Valley, a frequent setting in Anderson’s films. Licorice Pizza It’s a beautiful, joyful film that balances tone, pacing and elegance well. We get excited with the heroes, we live their doubts, their satisfactions and their adventures, and we keep this strange feeling of not wanting to let go of them.

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