Linkin Park songs arrive in virtual reality rhythm game Beat Saber


A Linkin Park collection is now available for Beat the saber, a rhythm game that is the latest craze in virtual reality.

That means Beat the saber players will have the chance to groove on 11 Linkin Park jams with varying degrees of difficulty. In the game, players try to slice moving blocks to the beat of a melody using a pair of colorful sabers. The Linkin Park Pack arrived this week with a band note.

“The Linkin Park Music Pack is now available on the VR Beat Saber rhythm game,” the band announcement Monday (August 17) via their social media outposts. “Experience 11 Linkin Park songs in virtual reality. Get the Music Pack from Steam, Oculus Store, or PlayStation Store.”

The songs available are “Bleed It Out”, “Breaking the Habit”, “Faint”, “Given Up”, “In the End”, “New Divide”, “Numb”, “One Step Closer”, “Papercut”, “Somewhere I belong” and “What I did”.

Beat the saber, designed by game developer Beat Games, first arrived in a wide version for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows last year. The rhythmic track already has music packs for rock artists such as Green Day, Imagine Dragons and Panic! At the disco. Now, Linkin Park fans are spending their time in the world of virtual reality.

Says Michaela Dvorak, Marketing Manager for Beat Games, “Linkin Park is a band close to our hearts, we’ve been listening to their music since we were teenagers and our heart rate goes up every time we hear their songs. But it all becomes even more real when you play it in PS VR. “

She continues, “With this music pack, we bring 11 of the band’s most popular songs across all difficulty levels. Yes, that’s 55 beatmaps in total. Linkin Park Music Pack brings together some influential album tracks. Hybrid theory, Meteors and Minutes until midnight. As always, you can purchase the full pack or download individual songs. “

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