Lupe Fiasco Releases Electrifying New Music Video For “AUTOBOTO”


Lupe Fiasco drops an electrifying new music video for

Coming up for the summer season, Lupe Fiasco releases a new music video for AUTOBOTO. This new drop brought another banger from the great lyricist and a breath of fresh air with some great music.

“Released as a single last month, “AUTOBOTO” is a mischievous, playful and deceptively dense single that finds Lupe weaving her precise barbs around Soundtrakk’s arpeggiated guitars. In the hook, Lupe compares herself to a Porsche Carrera, a Finely tuned, performance-oriented sports car that tears up the road like Lupe tears up the mic.In the “AUTOBOTO” video, Lupe drives around his hometown of Chicago in this vehicle, before parking the vehicle with a view of the skyline icon of the city. For the last minute of the song, Lupe beams out of frame and hands over the spotlight to Nayirah, who closes the clip with her melodic mastery.Audible treats)

As the producers said, this music video was an outburst of thoughtful spontaneity. Throughout the video, there are only a few elements: car, neon light, smoke, and model. By using only these things, Fiasco made us focus on the authenticity of his music. The beat, the rhythm and the enchanting magnetism.

“Lupe recently launched its ‘LFT’ program, a new NFT program that allows fans to get closer to Lupe than ever before. Unlike many NFTs, which only exist in the digital space, the ‘LFT’ program offers token holders a range of online and offline benefits.The benefits start with a generative artistic profile photo – each LFT holder receives a unique digital artwork inspired by Lupe Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool album, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. Beyond music, Lupe continues to focus on the community organizations he founded, including We Are MURAL, The Neighborhood Start-Up Fund, Society of Spoken Art and his cross-cultural content business. , Studio S.V. (Audible treats)

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