Metal Hellsinger’s original music is both excellent and practical


Metal Hellsinger is essentially what Doom would look like if it were turned into a rhythm game and its metal influences have certainly touched the gaming community. Over a million people have downloaded the game’s demo so far and it was named the most searched PC game at Gamescom this year. But how on earth did The Outsiders decide to create their own original music for the game?

Well, it largely boils down to two key things: budgets and development.

In an interview with The Loadout at Gamescom, director David Goldfarb and executive producer Shila Vikström admitted that the team couldn’t have afforded a fully licensed soundtrack, so they turned to the composers of the game, Two Feathers.

“From a marketing standpoint, going with a band like Metallica would have been easier because people would have been playing the game because they were in it, right?” Vikström narrates The Loadout. “But it wasn’t just about the songs we used.”

If you’ve played the demo, you’ll know that as you increase your Fury meter in-game and deal more damage, more of the song is unlocked. To implement these developing multipliers, The Outsiders needed to break the song up into layers, adding rhythmic beats as they went. With licensed tracks, this task would have been made ten times more difficult.

“From a technical point of view, doing the songs ourselves was really important because we don’t just put the songs on the levels and do the rhythm thing,” continues Vikström. “There is a very deep and complex technical system involved here. The music is layered and we just couldn’t have done that with licensed tracks.

Of course, having a bespoke soundtrack also means that Metal Hellsinger is an incredibly streamable game. The Outsiders has confirmed that the music is DMCA-free, which means content creators can play the game at their leisure without receiving any warnings.

Hopefully that means when Metal Hellsinger launches on PC, Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 on September 16, we’ll see many gamers making their way through the layers of hell.


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