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Michelle Yeoh Good words about those who changed her life. A famous personality in the Malaysian film industry is none other than Michelle Yeoh who has played the lead role in Hong Kong action movies. The films that changed his full name in society are James Bond and Tomorrow Never Dies.

Due to their famous career in the Hong Kong field, her name was transferred from Yeoh to Michelle Khan. She rocked the scene as Miss Malaysia in 1983 when she was just 20 years old. A few films that made her represent the best actress in the Hong Kong film industry are Holy Weapon, Yes, Madam and Police Story3: Supercop.

These three films led to Michelle Yeoh’s nomination for the BAFTA award in the Best Actress category.

Another movie that has been the best for many people is Star Trek in which she portrayed a character like Philippa Georgiou which was a worldwide hit from 2017 to 2020. Coming to Hollywood ground, she appealed to all audiences with her thanks to her great performance in Pierce Brosnan. like Bond Girl.

What else did Michelle Yeoh share about the film?


In recent days, when Michelle attended a series of Deadline videos, she conveyed her love for a career in the film industry. Since her childhood, she had a lot of passion for the cinema. The main reason for this article expands his interest in revealing the movie that changed his life.

She liked the rhythm of the music in the movies The Wizard of Oz and The Sound of Music. She expressed her total love towards The Champ which premiered in 1979 and telecast a boxer, Jon Voight, this story revolved around the story of the boxer and his ex-wife.

She had a big influence on the movies she starred in. She told how she enjoyed Hong Kong films as a teenager with her gang of friends in the middle of the night at theaters in London’s Leicester Square. Her favorite movie from her teenage years which inspired her a lot to rush into the Hong Kong film industry.

Later, he was offered to explore his performance in the movie Police Story 3: Super Cop which was developed by a great director Yuen Woo Ping. After completing all these questions. She remembered her friends in China that distance doesn’t matter in friendship.

Having had this great life so far, but all is not going well in her life after her inheritance was cancelled. But no one in the film industry got the name Michelle Yeoh.


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