Mr. Music keeps scratching


Mr. Music, (aka Jim Corbett) has just completed a 32-week music video program that elementary schools and home schools can use for their regular classroom music program. With her video editor, Timo O’hagain, these half-hour programs each week feature: auditory training, rhythm games, song of the week, guest musicians and soothing music from the Magic Flute and Magic Bowl. It is a full-spectrum music program that exceeds California standards for elementary school music. It can complement the classroom music curriculum or be used on its own by teachers with their students.

“I started developing the program at the start of the COVID shutdown because I knew music education would suffer,” Mr. Music said. “Many segments are drawn from my 25+ years as an elementary music teacher at many schools around the county, but I was also able to use over 20 local musicians and performers, including African drummer Onye Onyemaechi ; rhythm instructor, Kim Atkinson; and famous rocker, Buzzy Martin.

Music, from different cultures and countries, takes children on an adventure around the world. Guest musicians demonstrate unique instruments such as the didgeridoo, hurdy-gurdy, Chapman stick, Slaperoo, handpans and crystal bowls, as well as traditional instruments such as the guitar, fiddle/fiddle, accordion, bass and drums. All segments are presented to stimulate children’s curiosity and open the door to the larger world of music.

The Rhythm Game segment introduces easy-to-follow body rhythms and clapping techniques that have the potential to unify a classroom, and the Ear Practice segment teaches children to listen more deeply to the differences between Major and Minor, and Scales and Chords. The song of the week always brings the joy of music and singing together.

This subscription program is immediately available to schools and individuals as a wonderful stand-alone music program. For a program demo and more information, contact Jim Corbett at: [email protected] or 707-508-5449


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